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Access Quest Compendium

Access quests allow you to enter certain "keyed" areas of Norrath. Some are necessary to complete heritage quests, while others are more or less avoidable unless your friends are begging you to join them.

Note that quests previously unavoidable for advancement (the quests for Zek and Enchanted Lands access, to name two) are now no longer necessary, as part of Live Update #12's barrier-breaking efforts to allow players of dissimilar level group together.

Here's the "Zone Access Changes" portion of the Live Update #12 update notes:

- There are no longer level restrictions or quest requirements on the following zones: Fallen Gate, the Orcish Wastes, the
Enchanted Lands,
Drafling Tower, the Feerrott, Everfrost, and Lavastorm.

- The access quests that were restricting travel to the Orcish Wastes, the
Enchanted Lands, the Feerrott, Everfrost, and Lavastorm are now optional and provide item rewards. After you complete any of these quests (or if you have done so in the past), speak to Scholar Milnik on the docks of the Thundering Steppes to receive your reward. All boat rides associated with the overland access quests are now instanced adventures that can be repeated once you have completed the quests.

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"Keyed" Zone Walkthroughs:

"Obsolete" Access Quests:
(Can still be done for rewards)

Access Quests:

(In roughly the order of starting level)

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016