The Aion Assassin is the swift melee class that often
leaves their opposition wondering where the heck that guy came from and where oh
where is that lube when you need it?

With low defense and high damage, playing a melee DPS class
can be quite the trick.  The Assassin has to be in close but they can’t afford
to take the hits that their fighter comrades can.  This means the high burst
damage and stuns are the key to the Assassin’s success in PvP.


  • - High
    melee damage
  • - Great
    arsenal of stuns
  • - Solid
    crit rate that adds to surprise burst damage


  • - Low
  • - Reliant
    upon close combat

Solo PvP

Probably the biggest problem that Assassins will have in
PvP combat is when they come in contact with ranged players.  Not being able to
actually hit the other guy obviously is problematic because the Assassin has no reliable ranged skills at all.  If the Assassin is the one engaging combat, it will be
important to use your stealth skill before positioning yourself behind your
target and attacking. Just remember to use it early so the other player isn’t
seeing your skill use scroll on their chat box. 

Stealthing in to take your victim might be difficult if the
opposing player has been tipped off to your presence but not to worry, you have
a little trick for those who try to get away as well!

If a stealth attack isn’t appropriate or you are dealing
with a ranged player that has engaged you then you’ll want to make use of your
stigma skill Ambush.  This stigma is insanely necessary in PvP combat and if you
don’t have it, you need to go get it.  Once you’ve used Ambush and managed to
get yourself close to your enemy, winning is just a matter of stunning and out
damaging.  You’ll want to stay close to your target, but never stay still.  Any
chance to get behind your mark and take a backstab is a shot at substantial

Group PvP

Pair up with a ranged combatant or a warrior and life is
good for the Assassin.  Choose to PvP with players that are more aggressive
damage dealers such as a Gladiator so that the players you are targeting are
more distracted by the player with the bigger hit points than the sneaky
Assassin.  With other players, the key will be in being almost transparent. 
Moving around, using Ambush and stealthing frequently will cause enough
confusion in your opponent that they won’t always be sure where they should be

Whether you are in a group or on your own, your best skill
combination will either be opening with a stealth and Surprise Attack or opening
with Ambush and Surprise Attack.  After your opening move, you’ll want to switch
between engraving and bursting signets for the stun potential (always stun
first, damage second) and using your damage skills. The signet engraving skills
refresh fairly quickly and you’ll have plenty to choose from.  Keep a couple of
your best burst signet skills on your hotbar and switch between them as they
refresh a bit slower. Continue to use Surprise Attack whenever it is up and
positioning allows.

Defense as an Assassin is less of a priority than quick
damage.  Your best hope in PvP is generally to out damage your opponent, but
don’t get caught without your potions and poison.  If another player immobilizes
you outside of stabbing distance you have no chance so keep a stack of cures. 
You can also take advantage of extra damage and chance of stun if you keep
Scolopen Poison on hand and pick up the Apply Deadly Poison stigma.  The stigma
skill lasts 2 minutes so you can cast it early in battle or even before to take
advantage of its assistance.

Assassins are great for PvP but they do take some time and
skill to learn.  Once you master your Assassin though, you will very much be a
formidable killing machine!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016