The term “carebear” is often used in gaming as a derogatory
term to describe those who choose to not engage in heavy player versus player
combat.  Yeah, I’ve been called a carebear but since I’m not evil and have
nothing against these cuddly little bundles of fluff, I’m okay with it!

Being more PvE centric in a game like Aion isn’t a bad
thing.  We all have our different play styles, and each should be respected.  It
does make it hard though when you want to head out to gather for your crafting
profession and you end up getting stabbed in the face every time you attempt to
do so. You can try to defend yourself but let’s face it; carebear twitch reflex
isn’t quite the same as the Ranger that just popped you with an arrow in the
back then ricocheted across your screen until you finally died without landing
even one hit. 

Because Aion encourages PvP, and should, PvE players have
to find a way to dodge the player killers and we have a few tips that will make
it easier to avoid unwanted PvP gameplay.  Whether you are a staunch PvE player
who may never step foot in the Abyss, or a regular PvP player who just wants to
get a few quests or some gathering done, these tips will work for just about

My Safeword is Blueberry Pancakes

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Zones, like this one in Asmodae, have absolutely no
risk of PvP encounters.

Probably the best way to avoid PvP is to go where it
cannot.  Each faction sports a decent sized zone that has absolutely no access
for the opposing faction. For Asmodians it’s Brusthonin and for the Elyos, their
PvP free zone is Theobomos.  These two zones cover levels 20-40+ but not
completely.  Best uses of these safe zones are between levels 20-25 and 40-45
which leaves you to your own devices through most of your 30s but these zones
can still be utilized for gathering across all levels.

When those zones aren’t appropriate but you’d still like to
progress your character unfettered by ganking, grab a group and hit some
instances!  Dungeons give good and fast experience without the worry of having
to watch your back.  You may have to live with pick up groups, but sometimes
sacrifices have to be made in the name of leveling.

Run Forest, Run!

When playing in a safe zone won’t work for whatever you
need to do, you’ll end up having to make your way into one of the several
rifting zones and this means you may face players looking to beat you down. It
is pretty much impossible to avoid PvP completely in these areas, but you can
take control and minimize your exposure.  One way to do this is being aware of
where the
rift incoming locations are at.  Opposing faction players will only
make it so far in a zone so if you stay away from these hot spots, thus you
lower your risk of coming face to face with them.

Another trick is the “radar”.  Easy to set up and so
extremely helpful in either finding PvP or avoiding it, utilizing your existing
chat filtering tools you can set up your own warning radar to go off when danger
is near.

Step 1 – Open a new tab on your chat box via the chat menu
and drag it to a separate location where it will be easily noticed at all times.

Step 2 – Right click on your new tab and choose “tab
options”. Only have selected “Combat-Others” and in the sub section, mark all
that are for your Enemy’s.

Step 3 – Make all font colors for the selected sections
something that will stand out, such as bright red then hit your “change” button.

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Now when an opposing faction enemy enters the area and
casts any sort of skill or spell, it will scroll onto your screen before you
even see them giving you a chance to either protect yourself, or get the heck to
a safe location.

Just Me, Myself, and I

Some times of day are busier than others.  Weekends are
extremely active and weekday evenings are peak times when a lot of people are on
and looking to make war.  If at all possible, do your gathering and other low
key gameplay when tons of people aren’t on.  During the day and late night are
perfect for this and often off peak hours will be the key in getting stuff done
without getting ganked while doing it.

For those times when you can’t avoid peak gameplay times,
be more social!  If you spot enemies sneaking around in the shadows, link their
map location into regional chat and wait for the cavalry. If you see open rifts,
tell people where they are! Aiding your own faction’s PvP players is probably
the best way to keep the other faction at bay while making the lands safer for
your own travel.

You don’t have to be a hardcore PvPer to enjoy Aion and you
don’t have to be the victim every time.  Take these tips with you next time you
get in game and you’ll find yourself the target of unwanted bloodshed a little
less often.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016