From the fires of the stove,
we bring forth life into this world once more!  Welcome to the
cooking revival, part deux.
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The art of cooking will get a little more difficult with this
installment.  A plethora of green recipes draws near, and with
it new
opportunities to make money.  I will not touch on those due to
relatively high material costs involved, or the rarity of the
materials.  The rule of thumb when leveling though is this--if
you can
make it, do it while it gets you xp.

Keep in mind your material counts though.  If you have 500
you're going to want to use it despite the fact that you've almost
outleveled it.  Once something goes grey, it's useless to you
from a
leveling perspective.  So make the most of all of your
materials for a
desired level range, regardless of recipe recommendations of mine.


Ringa Juice is the way to go.  It's incredibly plentiful and
easy to
farm if you want to save some cash.  If you're actually
leveling at the
same time, you can do long looping routes around the water areas and go
for a Water Spirit I book while you're at it, which should infuse you
with a generous amount of funds.  Juices in general are
stellar at MP
Regen and should be a staple beverage for everyone unless you have
another outstanding drink in mind, or have a Chanter around to supply
you with MP.


If you elect to grind out your early 20's,
you'll want to broil Brax
for this level range at first and switch to Vinna Omelettes. 
Vinna is
very common to the west of the Patamor Thicket and the canyon before
it.  You could save your Brax meat however for later, when a
recipe will consume it.  If you don't have the brax meat, or
it's too
expensive, I would work order to 130 in this case.  You might
pick up a
Kselid Sausage recipe, and perhaps higher recipes in the process.


Rabano Curry is ideal for this level range.  Rabano isn't used
in any
of the higher recipes of this tier and is fairly common, so burn
through it here.  Almost every physical class will get
something out of
that accuracy boost, so using and/or selling it is viable. 
Once you
hit 175, immediately switch to Dorado Sushi.  Sushi is your
big money
maker in cooking since every mage and Cleric will be chewing on it as
they level if it's available at a decent price.  It's why I
told you to make Dorado Soup or Spicy Gadill.  Mages love
magic boost,
mages love magic accuracy, and sushi does it all in one food
It's wonderful.  Corner the market on these fish if and when
you can
and you'll be a rich man, or more powerful mage.


Boil that Chikra!  It's everywhere in the Sprigg
Habitat.  You could
opt to go for the more potent Chikra Sandwiches, but those also require
another plant in the desert to the west for a slight MP
boost.   If you
feel like you're lacking something, do work orders for 10 skill points
or so to make sure you've got all of the recipes you can handle at this
point in time.  Chikra can still be used post 200 for slight
skill ups,
so we can always come back to it later.

we favor mages in this part?  Absolutely.  There is a
though, and that's the physical food of this tier requires farming from
Brax and Kselids, which can be annoying and difficult to amass a lot of
in a short period of time.  That's why we prefer the gathering
forms of
ingredients to power us through the trade.  Even templar can
use mana
regen in long dungeons of speed pulls.  Nothing is more
than having to take a knee as a melee class in this game, and that's
where potent drinks like Kirka Juice will come into play.

Unfortunately, that'll have to come into play in the next tier,
200-300!  Coming soon to a cookbook near you!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016