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doesn't quite sound manly, but tailoring is a manly skill in this
game.  You'll be slugging it through a field with a TON of
The master quest is insanely expensive, more so than the insanely
expensive average.  However, if you plan to ever make anything
off all
that stupid rawhide and fiber you come across in your adventures, this
is how to do it!

Cloth and leather are all you'll ever make. 
Oh, and some hats/belts along the way for those respective armor
wearing classes.  There's nothing glorious about it, there are
secret bonuses and you're not imbuing your cloak with any fancy ass procs
as a reward for doing it.   No, your reward is just
some garbage
experience and your profits will be based off luck and little
God I love the high quality system in this.  Just be grateful
able to do it on a +1 and you don't have to sell +3 nonsense like it's FFXI
all over again.

The good news is you'll be swimming in a good market.  Rangers
and Sorcs
are all the rage as people are realizing ranged PvP
is far, far easier to win with in most encounters and sieges. 
Even those unlucky green procs
will sell to those on a budget when priced right, and right might just
make a buck or two in the process. 


Thin Rawhide, you've met your match.  Between that and
destroying the Tikel
industry, you'll make it to 20 in no time.  I would at least
go to 15
on these if you plan on making anything and if you don't plan on making
anything, just do the basic level 1 work order and save your money
since it's free.... and horrendously slow :( .  It's your call.


the thread and leather into the good stuff, or rather, stuff that can
actually be used.  Scan your recipes and check to see what you
plan on making and make just that.  If fluxes are cheap, pick
them up
now and factor them into your calculations here.  If you're
going to be
making a considerable amount of 13-18 armor, I would go on raw material
conversion all the way to 30 and do this step from 30-40
Again, this all depends on what you plan to do with
tailoring.  If
you're just doing this to get to the orange recipes later, toss this
out the window and work order it for speed of leveling.


order this range so you can get all of your recipes for basic gear, but
don't do beyond the level 40 work order for this until you get
Remember that if you go too far beyond a level range (40 points above)
you cannot access that level of work order, and different ranges of
work orders produce different goods.  If you miss a recipe,
you miss it
forever until you purchase it off the broker or make an alt
to run
work orders until you get it.  Both are costly. 
Don't make that
mistake, and hope you get lucky here.  Hell, if you're really
about being a completionist
and have money burning a hole in your pocket, you can work order to 400
no problem, but that isn't worthy of a guide obviously!  I'm
here to
make this efficient for what you want to do with it!


off by making any of the level 13 armors, the ones that use minor
fluxes.  At this point you might as well buy the recipes for
those you
didn't get, you're not getting them unless you want to keep doing lower
work orders.  Then turn around and do more level 60-70 work
until you fit yourself out with the recipes you desire and then do the
highest work orders to finish up.  Once you hit 99, train up
to 100 and
craft your level 18 gear of choice.  Might as well get the
while you can!  Also, enjoy the easy ride, kinah-wise
for this tier of Tailoring.  This next leg and beyond is going
to ruin your bank account!

Get psyched for the next leg of your journey of knitting... if you can!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016