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You've done well to come this far, young one.  You've slaved
over that
anvil for hours on end now.  You know what it's like to
loss, or at least loss in your wallet.  Now it's time to
experience the
joy of crafting something that can make you rich beyond your wildest
dreams!  Oh, it's so good to be a weaponsmith!

If it procs.

If it sells.

One is luck and one is your abillity to set the proper price to both
ensure it sells, and get what you should get for the item rather than
just blindly undercutting everyone out there.  It's
brutal.  There's a
harsh reality out there awaiting you.  There can be a million
weaponsmiths, and only so many flux to go around between
them.  This
will come into play more and more as the average level of the player
rises in level and next thing you know, you can't find any fluxes for
the 20-25 range of weapons.  You're not making these weapons
to level
up the craft.  You're making them to make a profit or hand
them off for
use to a comrade in your legion or your alt.

We'll be working with titanium primarily for this run of
items.  If
you're planning on making a weapon or five, at least bring 1000
This unfortunately means you need 1000 charcoal as well.  So
set aside
at least 500,000 for this tier if you're going to work at it for the
purposes of making something useful.  If you don't care about
recipes for this tier and you just want to blitz on by to get the
Expert the fastest, you are more than welcome to just hammer work

Did you know that the Double XP weekends affect crafting as
well?  This
can lead to some amazing leveling of alts, and allow them to skip
otherwise tedious levels.  If you've ever leveled a ranger,
you know
how bad it is in the teens.  Channeling your inner blacksmith
can cause
you to skip an entire block of levels, or any other trade for that
matter.  Keep that in mind.


Rip into that titanium.  Crack open the bag of
Charcoal.  Press create
all, and come back in an hour.  Normally that would be an
but if you brought 500+ titanium for this, that's.... really not all
that far off.  Really, we could do without the progress bar on
some of
these.  There is no suspense for high quality bars
here!  100 will get
you to 120ish, so if you want to just get the most out of the actual
skill experience and move onto work orders from there, you can do


Slamming on Titanium Nails and Rods.  Same idea as the Steel
ones you
did to get this far back when you worked with Iron.  Again,
only make
what you need here or plan to use.  These are not a profitable
trust me!


Run the 140 work order for this set.  It'll get tedious in the
but it will ensure you get all of the recipes available for this level
range.    Once you near the end of the 160s,
go ahead and craft any of
the level 25 weapons you've been saving up materials for.  If
you get a
Noble version, be sure to go for the Worthy Noble version. 
quality just isn't enough these days, you need high quality of high
quality!  Oh, it's so beautiful when it happens though...


Buy full stacks of the 170 work order and run it through the
end.  This
will ensure you get all of the durable recipes and make your life a lot
easier when it comes to switching materials every work order. 
might balk at how slow it is to run a less than bright yellow/gold work
order.  People will also balk at you when you only have the
recipe for a weapon, and not the durable, or vice versa.  Save
the grief and embarrassment.  Do this right the first time.

The illustrious 30's of weapons awaits you!   Signs
of weapons
resembling legendary weapons from a certain other popular game will be
coming!  Weapons that are in the same level range as your
weapons!   Weapons that will throw you into poverty
with how much kinah
you'll need to buy to get enough attempts to high quality
one!   No
really, it's good to be a weaponsmith, I promise!  
Stick with it and
I'll see you in the Greater Weaponsmithing, 200-299 class!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016