Character creation is arguably the most important moment of your Age of Conan career. The choices you make here you will have to live with for the life of your character! Save yourself the time and do your research BEFORE you create your next character to ensure that your choices are ones that you can enjoy for months to come.

While you can't know for sure which race and class combo you will mesh with perfectly, it does help to do just a bit of research ahead of time. Age of Conan is NOT an all race/all class game, so if you have been hoping to play a Stygian Conqueror, you are unfortunately out of luck.

This Character Creation Guide will assist you in your pre-planning. Here you will find an overview of each race in game, screenshots of both the male and female character models, a brief background, and the list of classes each race may play.

Get the scoop on races, race/class combos, and a glimpse at what each race looks like in our Character Creation Guide, along with links to more detailed class info!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016