Ten Ton Hammer has lead you through the lower levels in Age of Conan, now it's time to move towards the mid levels! We are kicking off a new tier of Quest Guides starting with Field of the Dead! This amazing zone is packed with things to do that can boggle even the most veteran of players.

We are first going to cover the Southwest region of the zone which consists of the Crossroads, Foothills, and Stream Bridge areas. This is where you will first come in from Conall's Valley and likely where you will want to start out if you are seeing this zone for the first time. Playing here before level 38 is not recommended, but you can quickly rise in experience from level 39 to around level 43 just playing in this one section of the Field of the Dead

Save yourself some time and check out our guide before you get to leveling to find out which quests are worth your while, and which you'd rather pass on.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016