Age of Conan Newbie Questions & Answers


Newbies unite! In a new game, pretty much none of us know exactly what it is that we are doing, but it sure is some fun to learn! We here at Ten Ton Hammer want to help you get started with the basics, so we have gathered some of the most commonly asked newbie questions from around the community and we have answered them. We've also tossed in some of the most often used slash commands as well!

If you have any questions that you think should make this list, or perhaps more info on one of the answers that we have provided, then please drop us a note to let us know or post your questions on our forums. We've got plenty of players around that very well could have the answer to your burning query!


Newbie Q & A


- How do I add friends to my friends list?

If you would like to add someone to your friends list that you are not grouped or guilded with, type into your chat box /cc addbuddy charactername. Whether they are online or not, this command will add them to your friends list. If you are grouped with someone you'd like to add, right click on their name and "add friend".

- I've got too much stuff, where can I buy another bag in Tortage?

The merchant inside The Thirsty Dog during the nighttime instance has bags that you may buy, but they are pretty spendy for a low level character. Keep in mind that bags don't really stack. By this we mean if you have a 10 slot pack and you purchase a 20 slot pack, you get 20 slots NOT 30. The upgraded pack replaces the old pack.

- I couldn't accept a quest reward because my inventory is full, is it gone forever?

No! You'll see the same quest reward pop up either with another quest update or with zoning. If you've gotten the message that your inventory is full, either sell or make room so that the next time it comes up, you can accept your reward.

- I want to make a change to my feats. How do I do this?

Each city has a Trainer that will reset your feats for a fee.

- Can I change my feats and attributes as often as I want to?

You can reset them several times, but the cost of doing so goes up each time. The first feat reset is fairly cheap so don't be too discouraged if you made less than careful choices the first time around as it is easily fixed.

Resetting your skills work differently and you may reset them on your own. Resetting less than 130 skill points is free and the more you wish to reset, the more it will cost you. Open your Skills & Attributes menu and hold your ALT key down while clicking on the skill that you'd like to reset. A window will pop up asking for confirmation that you'd like to reset this skill.

- I'm not sure what all my skills do, how do I know which ones to spend points in?

There will be certain skills that you will definitely want to spend points in, such as Hiding for scouts. For other skills, hover over them on your skills lists to see exactly what each one does before deciding where to spend points.

- Is it safe to sell "generic" loot? Where can I do so in Tortage day? Tortage night?

If you can't use it, then you can sell it for coin! During Tortage nighttime, the only merchants are inside The Thirsty Dog and on the Tortage Harbor docks. During the day, you will find several merchants in the town square area just outside The Thirsty Dog.

- Will skipping my destiny quest help me get out of Tortage faster?

No, it doesn't really. You still need to make the minimum level to leave and you make a good bulk of your experience doing the destiny quests, not to mention if you do skip it, you miss out on some very nice usable loot. I found that doing the destiny quests gets me out of Tortage faster.

- Does Tortage have a bank?

Yes. The Trader is the NPC that works as your bank. He will be found outside the Thirsty Dog in the town square.

- Where can I send and receive mail from?

Along with being the trade system and the bank, the Trader also handles all your mailing needs!

- Can I solo Acheronian Ruins / the Underhalls / the Mausoleum / etc?

Yes you can! These three zones give you the option for "normal" or "epic" when you zone in. Choose "normal" if you plan on playing on your own. There may be a few places that are a bit tougher for you, but if you're careful with enemy aggro, then you can go just about anywhere.

- My friends and I are in the same zone, but we can't see each other! Why is this?

Instancing! Each zone will have multiple instances so if you are in one, and your friends are in another, you won't see each other. To change instances, you can either right click on your group members name and move instances, or you can click the down arrow next to your map to select an instance.

- What's the point of instancing?

Instances, while sometimes an inconvenience, do a great service for players. When a zone has a large amount of players within it, EVERYTHING slows down. I'm sure many who have played older games that haven't utilized instancing remember exactly what that was like. With instances, we can enjoy much quicker loading and smoother runs through busy zones!

- I have two pieces of armor with equal stats, but one is cloth armor and one is light armor. Does it make any difference which I should equip?

None that I can see. The difference between cloth armor and light armor seems to be that light armor tends to give a higher standard of stats at a lower level. Meaning, you can see level 10 light armor with similar stats to a level 20 cloth armor piece. It's not a rule though and much of the stat system is still being examined. At this time, if it has better stats and you can equip it, then use it!

- Is there any way to get back to Tortage quickly from inside an instance?

Yes! When you land in Tortage, or a new home town, you will be bound to your city. In your skills, you will find something called the Path of Asura. This will send you back to your bind point much like a soulstone or a call.

- At what level can I start riding mounts?

Mounts are available at level 40 when you are able to train for the skill.

- What level can players start gathering? Crafting?

You can learn to gather at level 20 by speaking with the appropriate NPC to train in this skills. Crafting starts at level 40.

- How do I claim a pre-order item?

Type /claim into your chatbox. You need to have registered your copy of the game at for this to work. Be sure to follow the directions there exactly. It may take up to 30 minutes for your /claim to work after your game has been registered properly. Any items you claim will pop into your inventory, unless your bags are full in which case you will get a dialog message that your claimed items could not be given to you. Clean up your bags and try again!

- How can I optimize graphics if things seem sluggish?

The best way to speed up slow rendering is to turn off the graphics that tend to tax your connection and computer the most. These will be things like your shadows and water reflections. To turn these down or off, hit ESC and go to your video options menu. Select the "advanced" tab and here you can set shadows and water reflection to "disabled".

Some have also have had better luck running the game in windowed mode rather than fullscreen or vise versa. It's worth taking some time to play with your settings to see what works better for you!

- I've checked DirectX 10, am I seeing DirectX 10 graphics?

Currently DirectX 10 is not supported by Age of Conan. There is some rumor that using the DX10 option makes the graphics render a bit more smoothly, but then using the option has also caused problems for others. The only thing we know for sure is that DirectX 10 support is coming later this year, something I think we can all look forward to!


Commonly Used Slash Commands

To view the full list of slash commands in game, type into your chat box / then hit the Tab key on your keyboard. These are some of the most commonly used commands in game to get you started! Once you've learned the ones you use often, typing them will be second nature.

  • /afk - This gives you the option to set an AFK message.
  • /anon - Toggles to make you anonymous to listings.
  • /camp - This camps you to exit game. Wait out the timer to return to log in and character select or hit "exit now" to leave the game immediately.
  • /claim - To claim any in game items that are available with your account.
  • /emote - Used with any of the valid emotes such as cry, laugh, or rude.
  • /group - Precede message with this command to speak with your group.
  • /guild - Precede message with this command to speak with your guild.
  • /heroicmode - This will take your group to the group instance of your zone if one is available.
  • /hide - Toggles on your hiding ability.
  • /ignore - /ignore charactername will put a player on your ignore list.
  • /invite - Invites another player to group with you.
  • /kick - Removes a player from the group.
  • /leave - Removes yourself from the group.
  • /macro - Allows for you to setup a macro command.
  • /reply - Replies to the last person who sent you a tell. You may also hit the "r" key to do the same.
  • /say - Allows for you to speak to those just nearby you.
  • /sit - Commands your character to sit.
  • /stand - Commands your character to stand.
  • /stuck - Use this command before petitioning for help if you are wedge in somewhere you cannot get out of.
  • /tell - Preceded by a character name and message to send a private message to another player.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016