Houses in ArcheAge are sort of the endgame for non-PvP oriented players and are NOT available to free-to-play players during ArcheAge’s launch, however, the system works really well if you lapse in your Patron status. With that in mind, let’s just dive head first into the housing system.

House Benefits

First of all, the first major benefit you may think of is farming, but realistically speaking houses aren’t the best for farming because of the small restricted yards. You can place your scarecrows near your home for a much larger “yard” and keep your house purely for decoration status, while also keeping your crops very close to your house to take advantage of the storage.

The primary benefit of a house is just additional storage and a place in the actual physical game world to call your own.

House Locations

You can find a housing spot anywhere on the map with a house symbol. These are generally near towns, however, these are sort of suburban plots where there will be a ton of spaces for houses. As you move further out, it becomes a bit more secluded. There are obvious pros and cons to each. In a busier area, theft may be more rampant, and you might have some neighbors who probably won’t work with you, but spaces are much larger and easier to obtain.

Out in the wilderness, there are fewer spots for houses, so friends can get together and make their own little community, but other people want to do this and you’re going to have a much longer travel time to any town amenities.

You can also build on the northern continent, but these are castles and if your faction looses the land, your house is returned to you.


You have to pay a weekly tax to keep your house. You can only pay tax as a Patron status user. Taxes haven’t been finalized yet, but you’ll pay your taxes through the mail system with certificates (which can be bought with labor, from other players, or from the loyalty/cash shop). Failure to pay after a week lands you a late fee. Failure to pay after two allows your house to be destroyed and everything that is marked “returnable” returns to you.

Taxes are set by territory owners on the PvP continent, for the southern continent the game sets the taxes based on house size. Taxes range from 10 certificates to 50 certificates a week, each certificate costing 200 labor points - or can be purchased in the market, loyalty store, or cash shop.


To build a house, go to Mirage Island and buy the plans (from 15 to to 1000 Gilda Stars). They’ll require gilda stars and before you can even build you’ll need to be Patron status. After you have the plans, go to the plot you want your house and set it down. You’ll have two days to get enough resource packs to the house in order for it to build.

Basically, it’s like building a ship, exactly like building a ship, but instead of the water it’s on land. You will have to rebuild the house every time you use the plans, but the plans for the house are forever yours. Kind of like a ship.

Houses can not be destroyed or attacked or anything, as long as you pay your taxes. As a secondary note, houses on the PvP island will be destroyed if another faction takes over the land your house is built in.

Furniture and Decorating

You can craft, purchase, or obtain chairs and tables and huge variety of items to fill your house with. They can provide bonuses like crafting buffs, which is important to take note of. Everything is placed freely however you want it, it’s not like DAoC or other games where you attach it to points, you can put stuff wherever. You can even park your tractor at your house!

Crafting Stations

It’s critical to know that there are two crafting stations - the regular and the regal. The regular one is going to be in your housing neighborhood or you can put one down if you want to pay taxes for it if you live off in the middle of nowhere. However! There is a regal crafting station that is needed to build high end stuff and it benefits from your crafting bonuses, so you definitely want to put that down if you’re big into crafting.

That’s pretty much it for housing! If you’re wondering, it takes only about six hours to setup the smallest house (get the Gilda Stars, put it down, and put resources in it). So even as a solo project, it can be done rather rapidly. I suggest going for a smaller house at the start to use as a base of operations, a resting location, and just somewhere to store stuff and put furniture you have in your inventory. The taxes are cheap, it’s easy to get going, and you’ll have a home of your own.

Anyway, have fun out in the world of ArcheAge!

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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