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The Thoughts of Postus Extremus

by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

If you've ever wandered into the Non-Gameplay section of the forums
know who Asterothrax is.  Touting his mighty 12k post count his ability to comment on almost anything is
unchallenged.   What is it, however,that is behind the "w0rd?"  Most
people who frequent Asterothrax's posts also aren't aware he is a high
end player, raider, and overall veteran MMO player.   
Utilizing my numerous "connections" I arranged for me to sit down and
pick Aster's brain.   After we bandaged up his head and he
stopped screaming I asked him some questions to get a little more
insight into what goes on in his mind.   Unusual? 
Undoubtedly.  Insightful?  Indeed.   At some points
terrifying?   Totally.   Prepare yourself....

Memories of MMO's

RadarX:  I appreciate you taking the time to sit down and talk
with me although I'm going to have to ask you not to touch the
snackpacks again.   How did you get into video games?

Asterothrax:  I've always played games, since Pong. First game
that hooked me was Diablo.

RadarX:  Pong....pong.  I seem to recall this pong game
you are referring too.  I believe it came with my Atari 2600
doorstop.  To more current games though, what MMO' was your
favorite and what was your fondest memory of it?

Asterothrax:  Everquest 1.  Obtaining Ifir, Dagger of Fire
from Fennin Ro.

RadarX:  I'm not too familiar with that quest/zone as I was
probably too scared to leave Freeport by the time that was
possible.   What did it entail?

Asterothrax:  It took many quests to get there -all elemental
plane access and the like from the POP expansion. But, it was just
killing Fennin Ro that acquired the weapon. I had my eyes on it for a
long time.

RadarX:  Ahhh nothing like crotch shotting a god to give you a
feeling of accomplishment.

Asterothrax:  Or as a rogue, poking him in the arse.

RadarX:  What have you seen change in MMO's since EQ1?

Asterothrax:  Making what should be a challenging game so
newbie friendly that once you grasp the concept, the rest is just
gravy. Example that sticks in my mind would be corpse shards. Death
should have some consequence, some fear that makes you try as hard as
you possibly can to live

RadarX:  So do you think this is a continuing trend?

Asterothrax: It appears to be the way many MMO's are going. Cater to
the loudest whine to silence it.

RadarX:  Yes I believe we both have seen a few examples of this
in NGD but each one is entitled their own opinion I guess.

Everquesting for Greatness

RadarX:  So moving on to Everquest 2.   You've been
playing, as I have, pretty much since the launch.   What keeps
you interested in EQ2?

Asterothrax:  Friends, definetely. It's hard to find friendship
in such a solo-friendly environment, and nothing will ever compare to
the comraderie that my eq1 guild had. However, the friends I've found
here have a love to play, which I can relate to.

RadarX:  Stop it.  You're going to get me all sentimental
about the old days....*sniffle*  Alright I'm good.  What
would you say is your favorite zone in the game and why?

Asterothrax:  Solusek Eye. Challenging simply because of the
layout, add in the mobs and you've got a place you play for hours and
hours, solo or grouped. Tie in the fact that you must learn that zone
to work the fire & ice and deception quests and you'll make some
friends simply because of the time you have to spend there

RadarX:  Speaking of Solusek and in context of us talking about
MMO's being made easier.  What do you think about SOE's decision
to make a fast access to that dungeon versus the dog sled you need to
get to Permafrost?

Asterothrax:  Teleporter access still has to be ran out. Given
that any time you go into Sol Eye, you'll be there for hours. I prefer
the lazy teleporter access. Although it was made extremely simple with
the reinstatement of Call of the Hero. With a high-end caster, you no
longer need to make the run to gain access.

RadarX: Bless those casters and their magic hands.  I've heard
you do a bit of raiding what is your favorite raiding instance?

Asterothrax: Any of the drakota raids used for Fire and Ice. I
rather consider them to be 1 raid, since we always do them back to
back. There's 3 of them, in different zone, using different tactics.

RadarX:  Yeah...well...I...ummmm we killed the Magic Carpet
genie!  So nyah!  I only died seven times too!  What
about your favorite quest?

Asterothrax:  To Speak like a Dragon.  It's challenging as
hell. Some requires solo, some requires group. But all of it requires
patience and planning. Unless you grey the mobs, then it's boring

RadarX:  Ahhh so at level 58 I should be ready to start it any
day.  Ok now on to your class.  What class do you play most
of the time?

Asterothrax:  Swashbuckler, 'almost' exclusively. I've always
played Rogue class in one fashion or another. In EQ2, Swash's are more
all around classes. They can tank, dps, mezz. only thing we can't do is
heal *nudge nudge Moorgard*

RadarX:  Yeah....I doubt Moorgard will see it but I'm pulling
for you man.   So do you think your class is balanced? 
Are there any issues you would really like to see fixed?

Asterothrax:  Of any class I've played, yes. It may just be
that I enjoy it so much that I ignore the shortcomings of the class.

RadarX:  Contentment?  I....I...don't
understand.   What race is your swashbuckler?

Asterothrax:  Kerran, nothing says sexy like a fuzzy tail

RadarX:  Lol.  I'm going to have to remember that next
time I'm creating a character.  OK if you could kill any NPC in the entire game who would it be?

Asterothrax:   Lucan D'Lere. He claims to be ruler of the Evil, when he knows deep down that is my title.

RadarX:   *scoots back a little*

Finding Fun on the Forums

RadarX:  Your post count on the EQ2 forums is....I think
atrocious would be too mild (and thats coming from me).  Was this
a goal of yours or is it just collateral to having fun?

Asterothrax:  I believe in saying as little as possible, in
many many posts. I can't say it was a goal, but it's interesting some
of the responses I get to it. Mostly, it's for fun, but I'll never pass
up an opportunity to verbally fling poo at someone who wants to start

RadarX:  *snicker* You just said poo.  So what purpose do
you think the Non-Gameplay area of the forums serves?

Asterothrax:  It's the coffee-shop
of the Forums. A place where we welcome the largest group of newbies,
whiners, screamers, omg-you-nerfed-me-i-hate-you

-soe....and bash them into submission

RadarX:  Bashing.?  In NGD?  I can't believe
that.  What type of posts most bug you?

Asterothrax:  Whiners without a clue. Those people who whine
simply for the sake of whining with no real reason, nor comprehension
as to why they're whining to begin with

RadarX:  Ok, it's my favorite time when I get to ask you about
your guild and any *shudder* "shout outs" you'd like to make.

Asterothrax:  I'm currently a
member of Culpa Somnus Imperium on Butcherblock, so of course kudo's to
them for pulling together as of late to take on the mobs they never
thought possible for us. As if you didn't know already - Shoutouts
(what a strange word) to ALL Aggrofish members, they're a neat guild on
Neriak where I have some characters. Radar-the-female-robot,
Savanja-the-almighty-mistress-of-the-3 to name a few. I'd shout
out to Coyote, but he's weird, and for me, thats saying alot.

RadarX:   Thanks again for taking time out for this

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016