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Crafting serves a number of purposes in href="">the Lord
of the Rings Online
Sometimes, it is a way for the player to hand-craft his own gear that
is often superior to items from quest rewards or loot dropped from
mobs. Other times, it is a fine way to make money, selling crafted
items and surplus raw materials on the auction house or in "private"
transactions through public channels. For some folks, it is something
to do between quests and adventures, a bit of quiet time in a busy
world. Whatever your reasons for it, crafting can be a little bit
confusing for new players: there are lots of weird ingredients, complex
recipes and various other elements that some people will find
themselves needing help with.

Never fear! That's what we do. Read on for your guided tour through the
Wild, Wonderful World of LotRO Crafting.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016