Blackheart's Bay Overview

Blackheart's Bay is one of several maps available in Heroes of the Storm. This is a 5v5 battleground that has a distinctive ghost pirate theme that permeates the entire map. Complete with treasure chests, green fog, sea monsters, and the star of the map; Blackheart, this map is an absolute treat for pirate fans.

BlackHeart's Bay is a standard three lane map, however, the two upper lanes are very close together. This makes them almost one lane, rather than two. The bottom lane is significantly further away from the two upper lanes. Most objectives on this battleground revolve around Blackheart and are located on the lower half of the map. However, the upper half of the map should not be ignored as the Grave Golem resides here.

Revolving around collecting Doubloons, this map's primary resource, the map requires teams to work together to collect doubloons and return them to Blackheart to gain his favor. Players will consistently clash with the enemy team because of both team's efforts to collect the precious doubloons. On this map, those who have Blackheart's favor will likely win the game.


Like other maps in Heroes of the Storm, players need to successfully assault the enemy team's base and eventually take out their central building. Minions will spawn from your base and head towards the enemy base to aid your cause. However, it is important to note that, unlike other maps, minions will only spawn on the two outside lanes. The middle lane is the undisputed territory of the loathsome pirate Blackheart. Minions do not dare invade his territory.

Primary Map Objectives

As mentioned above, the objectives on this map revolve heavily around Blackheart the pirate. Found in the center of the map, Blackheart stands near his imposing ghost pirate ship. Waiting for heroes to bring him doubloons, Blackheart will lend aid to the team who can earn his favor.

Collect Doubloons

Doubloons can be collected in three main ways:

  • Treasure Chests
  • Neutral Camps
  • Stealing

Treasure chests spawn periodically in the center of the map. One chest is located near the middle lane, while the other is closer to the bottom lane. To get to the doubloons inside, players must attack the chest. As the chest is being attacked small amounts of doubloons will fall out, until the chest is destroyed and a large quantity of doubloons will be released.

Neutral camps of mercenaries that drop doubloons are located near each team's base. These camps are fairly easy to take out, however, they only give two doubloons each h. Two doubloon granting neutral camps can be found on each side of the map.

Stealing doubloons can occur when a player kills an enemy player who was holding doubloons. Upon the players death the doubloons will be scattered on the ground. To collect the doubloons, the hero must walk over each of them.

Turn in Doubloons

The point of collecting doubloons is to turn them into Blackheart the ghost pirate. Located at the center of the map, Blackheart is fairly easy to find. However, this is a heavily traveled area and you can expect conflict here. To make matters even more difficult, there is about an 8 second cast time each time you turn in doubloons. Due to this, team members turning in doubloons will likely need to be protected.

Bombard Enemies

Blackheart requires 10 doubloons for the first round of his services. When this number is turned in by a team, the captain will order the bombardment to begin. His ghost ship will shoot a total of 12 rounds at enemy buildings, helping to destroy them. After the 12 shots, Blackheart becomes neutral once again and the doubloon count will reset to 0 for the team that just activated him.

Each time a team uses Blackheart, he will require more doubloons for his services. However, it is well worth the effort. Making use of Blackheart can easily make your team the winners of this map.

Secondary Map Objectives

While it is easy to get totally focused on Blackheart and doubloons here, this map does contain some secondary objectives; mercenary camps and watchtowers.

Mercenary Camps

Like other maps in Heroes, Blackheart's Bay has three types of mercenary camps, alongside those that drop doubloons, scattered throughout the map. The camps found on this map are as follows:

  • Knights – Push the middle lane when captured.
  • Siege Giants – One camp on each side, will push into bottom lane when captured.
  • Grave Golem – Found above the top lane, will push into top lane when captured.


Besides mercenary camps, Blackheart's Bay also has two watchtowers available for players to capture. The upper watchtower is located between the top and middle lane, while the lower is between the bottom and middle lane. Both watchtowers grant vision to the team that captures it, allowing them to see any enemy movement in these areas of the map.

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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