Blackwing Lair


1.0 Introduction
1.1 Razorgore the Untamed
1.2 Vaelastrasz the Corrupt
1.3 Supression Room
and Broodlord Lashlayer

1.4 Firemaw
1.5 Ebonroc and Flamegor
1.6 Chromaggus
1.7 Nefarian

Vaelastrasz The Corrupt

Goblin Attack!

Assuming you’ve done loot for Razorgore, it’s time to move on Valeastrasz. No one should enter the room until the Rogues are ready. All of the Rogues need to use sprint and run into the room, attempting to “tag” as many goblins as possible (just one melee hit or magic hit will do it). The entire raid needs to follow behind trying to tag any they miss. The reason for this is the goblins drop Elementium and Hourglass Sand (used for a later encounter). Once all of this has been done then the raid needs to return to the hallway entrance. Even if you do not play to get to the Chromaggus, you should still do this to collect the Elementium which on some servers can be sold for a lot and pay for everyones repair bills (or saved in a guild bank).


At the hallway entrance the raid should rebuff and be reorganized. Everyone, not just tanks, needs to be in fire resist gear. You need at the very least 100 FR for casters (150 to 200 for healers is well advised), 200 for Rogues, and as much as possible for all of your Warriors. Gear is near meaningless because of a special buff that happens during this fight.

If anyone has gotten the head off of Broodlord Lashlayer, then they may have the ability to receive a quest from Valeastrasz for a nifty item. They should go up and speak to Valeastrasz while he’s still netural to the raid and pick up the quest. This should only be done if you, as a group, can kill Nefarian in less then five hours.

You need to split your raid up into two groups. One group goes on the north side and one group goes on the south side. Have equal healing for EACH group and your Rogues who will be doing most of the damage. On your first go Vaelstrasz will be neutral (afterwards he’ll be hostile). So try for your best attempt first. Look at the following diagram for positioning.



When the fight starts (simply speak to Vaelastrasz) your main tank needs to begin sundering Vaelastrasz as fast as possible with an extremely fast weapon. Then everyone else can begin damaging him. It’s good to note right now that Vaelastrasz uses a buff known as “Essence of the Red” which gives you near infinite rage, mana, and energy. Vaelastrasz also starts at 30% health. This is an extremely dangerous and quick fight.

As the fight begins you will need every member of your raid going all out. As much healing and damage as possible. Your other Warriors need to be building up aggro as well, since the main-tank won’t be alive forever. Every 15 seconds Vaelastrasz picks a random mana users and gives them a neat skill known as Burning Adrenaline. This allows you cast any spell or skill or item (Hearthstones included!) instantly. The downside is that your HP is constantly going down and your character will die within 18 seconds. So anyone who gains BA needs to move (see the diagram above) away from the raid and unleash as much possible damage on Vaelastrasz (or healing on the raid) as possible. Every 45 seconds he applies BA to the person with the most aggro. At this point, everyone needs to cut their DPS and Rogues should vanish while Hunters feign death. The next tank in line needs to begin trying to gain as much aggro as humanly possible before the main tank dies. At this point, when he dies, your next tank needs to move Vaelastrasz immediately back into place (facing the west wall) before he breaths and wipes the raid. Everyone at this point can continue doing what they were doing until the next 45 seconds when he does it again. BA (Burning Adrenaline) will never effect a Rogue or Warrior unless they are his current target every 45 seconds.

This pattern continues until you kill Vaelastrasz or 3 minutes runs out. After 3 minutes runs out the Essence of Red buff ends and everyone begins running out of mana/rage/energy extremely fast.

Vaelastrasz has the following abilities:

Fire Nova: This does 500-1000 damage to everyone in the raid no matter their location. This is why it’s critical to have fire resist gear, since this can easily be taken down to 250-500 damage with 150 FR. He does this often, very often.

Flame Breath: This attack does upwards to 5,000(!!!) damage. This is why your tanks will not survive this encounter without a ton of FR or smart use of Shield Wall. If Vaelastrasz isn’t pointed away from the raid then this skill will wipe half of your raid.

Once Vaelastrasz is slayed, it’s time to move onto the Suppression Room.

A quick note, the path to the suppression room is guarded by some very fierce enemies. These can be done easily in two pulls by having your Druids, Warriors, and Healers go upstairs. Pull the dragons and have your Warriors/Healers jump down while your Druids sleep the Wrymkin. Before jumping the Warriors should do a sunder on each of their respective enemies.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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