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The Borean Tundra is one of the two starting zones in the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion for the World of Warcraft. The Borean Tundra is a predominantly frozen coastal zone on the Southwestern edge of Northrend. It is a sharp contrast to the Howling Fjord, the other starting zone, which has many cliffs, crags, and rocky features. However, despite the bleak landscape there is a lot going on in the zone.


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Justice Keep

The zone is split between the main land section and a large island called Coldarra which is a sub-zone off the west coast of the Northrend continent.

Much of the Borean Tundra is big, flat and frozen. In fact most of it is frozen earth covered in icy glaciers. There are some areas that provide a break from the icy terrain, however they are not much more hospitable. Along the coast lines there are high icy cliffs, along the inland borders of the zone there are mountains rising up, and in the north there are even a few farms that are trying to eek out a living. In the few places there are trees they are small, stunted and twisted from the wind and cold.


The Horde and Alliance both have strong settlements in the zone. The Horde have Warsong Hold located in the side of the zone, while the Alliance has Justice Keep along the southern coast. Both hold flight paths to other faction cities and zeppelin or boat transportation points.

In addition the traditional factions, the Tuskarr race has its capital city of Kaskala located in the eastern part of the zone. The Tuskarr are a neutral faction and the city is open to both Horde and Alliance.

In addition to the main inhabitants, Drakkari Trolls, Nagas, Blue Dragons, the ancient Taunka, and the Scourge can all be found in the Borean Tundra.

History and Lore

The Tuskarr are the primary inhabitants of the zone and would like nothing better than to be left alone to fish. They have done this for centuries, until the Drakkari Trolls and the Riplash Naga arrived. Recently the Tuskarr have mainly been focusing on fending off the Naga at the Riplash Ruins who have been attempting the melt the ice in the zone.

The Horde arrived and quickly formed a pact with the Tuskarr and are assisting with their war against the Naga.

Overall the Borean Tundra is not a hugely important part of Northrend. Being wide flat and open in offers little in the way of resources and would be hard to defend. This means that it is largely left to the Tuskarr and the Blue Dragonflight, and while the Scourge does show up occasionally, they are largely uninterested in it.

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The Nexus

The most significant recent event in the Borean Tundra's history has been Malygos's determination that magic has played too much of a role in the world and is attempting to siphon it out of the world. He has started this process by funneling the worlds magical power through the Nexus and out into the nether. This has resulted in the weakening of magic, fracturing of the world and the start of a war with the Kirin Tor.


The Borean Tundra houses Malygos the leader of the Blue Dragonflight in his lair, called the Nexus. It is found in the center of the island of Coldarra and is made up of a pillar of magical energy surrounded by an ancient ice fortress. In addition all around it the area is full of caves and tunnels.

The Nexus houses three separate instances. The two five man instances are the Ice Caverns which are aimed at players level 71-73, the Oculus aimed at players that are level 80. The third instance is a raid for either 10 or 25 players and will house Malygos.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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