Brell Day: A Keg of your Own

by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

If you somehow missed last years Brell Day quest, it's been reintroduced this
year and is a great way to grab some xp/AP and a keg of your very own! This
unique quest isn't too in depth, and requires nothing in the way of combat, but
will take a few minutes to complete. And hello? You get your own keg!

First make your way out of the North Qeynos (or West Freeport) gates to
Antonica or Commonlands. You’ll notice a portal with a few dwarves standing
around. Click to enter the portal and you'll find youself....Sometimes you want
to go, where everybody knows your name! Welcome to Brell's bar!

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Brell's Bar

You'll need to speak with Rasel Alechaser who will start you on Brell's
Everlasting Brew Quest(and these steps can be done in any order).

First, he'll send you to Thunderring Steppes to find Prew Drowers in
Thundermist Village and steal his hops. You can find Prew in Thundermist Village
and see a clickable pile of hops near him. You won't be able to get them while
he's standing there so you'll have to distract him. Head back outside to the
large barn in front of you and find good ol' Betsy. Right click to "tip her" and
Prew will come running out allowing you time to snag his hops. Try not to enjoy
that too much…

Next, you'll need to get some barely from Jimmy. Head upstairs in Brell's Bar
and you'll find an instance where you'll encounter him. Jimmy isn't drunk enough
to give away his barley so you'll need to get him that way. Get him too drunk
though, and he'll attack you. The bartender explains there are two types of
drinks: Dwarven Ale (which is strong) and Gnomish Spirits (which is much
weaker). There is also coffee to sober Jimmy up. Start off with 2 Dwarven Ale's
and do one Gnomish Spirit at a time until he changes demeanor. Hail him to
receive your barley.

Finally, he'll send you to find "pure water" in Antonica, Commonlands,
Nektulos Forest and Thunderring Steppes. They are a sparkly harvestable that can
be found theoretically in any water source from lakes, to rivers, to the ocean.
Make sure your particle effects are turned on if you aren't seeing them.

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Poor Betsy

Head back to Rasel who will now give you a "prayer to Brell." Examine it to
enter an instance where you will be given a Last Crusade type choice. If you
can't figure this out...*sigh* it's the wooden cup. Return to Rasel and be
rewarded with your very own keg to make yourself drunk anytime you feel like!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016