Brigand Alternate Advancements





Enhance: Murderous Rake - Increases the spell resistance of
Murderous Rake and its upgrades.
Enhance: Rough Skin - Adds spell resistance to Street
Smart and its upgrades.
Enhance: Sneak - Improves the casting speed of Sneak.
Enhance: Puncture - Improves the attack speed
reduction of Puncture and its upgrades.
Enhance: Defensive Poisons - Your poisons that reduce
opponents' defenses become more potent.
Enhance: Barroom Negotiations - Improves the reuse speed
and hit chance of Barroom Negotiations and its upgrades.
Enhance: Cheap Shot - Increases the duration of Cheap
Enhance: Rob - Improves the strength reduction
of Rob and its upgrades.
Enhance: Desperate Thrust - Desperate Thrust and its
upgrades become deadlier and are more likely to strike your opponent.
Enhance: Shenanigans - Increases the hate positions and
damage of Shenanigans and its upgrades.
Enhance: Evade - Hastens the reuse and recovery speed
of Evade and
its upgrades.
Enhance: Mug - Mug and its upgrades also reduce
your opponent's deflection skill.
Enhance: Vitality Poison - Your Vitality Breach
poisons both do more damage to opponents and transfer more health to you.
Enhance: Cuss - Improves the reuse speed and reduces
resistibility of Cuss and
its upgrades.
Enhance: Shadow Slip - Improves the reuse speed of
Shadow Slip and its upgrades.
Enhance: Gouge - Improves the parry reduction
of Gouge and its upgrades.
Enhance: Debilitate - Increases the mitigation
reduction of Debilitate and its upgrades.
Enhance: Beg for Mercy - Grants an ally increased
mitigations when using Beg for Mercy and its upgrades.
Enhance: Amazing Reflexes - Increases the trigger
chance of Amazing Reflexes.
Enhance: Battery and Assault - Adds a radius reduction
component to Battery and Assault and its upgrades.
Enhance: Dispatch - Increases the duration of
Honor Along Thieves - Allows the Brigand to intercept
damage for an ally. Some of that damage is converted into power gain.
Safehouse - Safehouse is placed on an ally. When the
brigand receives enough damage to die while in combat or cancels Safehouse, they are instantly
teleported to that ally in stealth. If Safehouse was used without a
target, they are teleported to that location instead. Safehouse will fail
to trigger if the location is more than 200 meters away.
Tenure - Increases the duration of your attack-based
combat arts and poisons.

Shadows Advancement Abilities

These abilities are available once the specified amount of points have been
distributed to the Shadows General, Scout, and Rouge lines.

Noxious Toxin Adds a debuff to poisons which reduces the noxious
mitigation of the target.
Rugged Shielding Improves the mitigation bonuses found on Street
Dispatch Defense Adds an additional defense reduction to Dispatch
Stunning Blow The Stunning Blow series of combat arts gains
additional damage and will critical for more.
Distracting Weapon Bum Rush will have improve base and critical
Plank Walker Improves the base damage and trigger chance of the
achievement skills Avast Ye.
Positional Mastery The brigand gains additional mastery to rear-based
attacks, granting them additional damage and allowing them to critical
for more.
Will to Survive A melee attack which also reduces the health of
the target by a small amount.

Sentinel's Fate Advancement Abilities

These abilities are only available for players with the Sentinel's Fate
expansion that are over level 81.

Advanced Strike Improves the base damage of the triggered effect
Interrupt that is found on Daring Advance and its upgrades.
Murderous Intentions Improves the base damage and critical damage of
the Murderous Rake line of combat arts.
Gouging Strikes Improves the base damage of the Gouge line of
combat arts.
Debilitating Strikes Debilitate gains an additional stamina reduction
Help for the Merciful Adds an additional effect to the Beg for Mercy
line allowing the brigand to avoid attacks for the target of the spell.
Detect Weakness Adds a Damage per Second reduction component to
Cornered High damage AoE ability that also decreases
mitigation to targets in an area of effect.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016