Cazic Thule Deity Quest

by: Tony “RadarX” Jones

Special Thanks to Tallika the Necromancer

Cazic Thule, the faceless, deity of fear. He inspires terror and teaches his followers to do the same. If this is the path you are looking for, proceed and begin your journey as his disciple.

First find Danak Dhorentath in Butcherblock Mountains. He's hiding over near the pass to the Estate of Unrest around -298, 750.

A Hint of Fear (25)

This guy is evil, so you are going to be seriously doing some evil crap. He'll first send you to Thunderring Steppes to find Zha Gu'Lau in Thundermist Village. He'll instruct you to kill and gut the livestock of Thundermist. Eww? Nearby you'll find a pig to kill and right click to gut. Now you'll be delivering the guts to houses like Santa Clause! Merry slaughter! Find the house in the northwest of the village around (595, -140) and click the bed. Nice huh?

Head back for another Ghoulie Clause mission where he'll give you a corpse. Grab it and head back to the barn where you killed your pig. When you arrive find the body in your inventory, and use it. Head back to Zha Gu'Lau for the next part.

Head towards the nearby griffon tower to find crates of animal feed on the ground. When you've collected it head back to Zha Gu'Lau who wants you to kill more animals. He's got issues. Kill 6 more livestock and disembowel them. Place the nastiness on the beds throughout the village. When you are done, head back to Zha Gu'Lau who seems to finally be happy.

Head back to Danak in Butcherblock Mountains.

The Sins of Butcherblock (35)

Time to meet up with Zha Gu'Lau again but he looks different. Freaky. Anyways, find him near Irontoes East in the Butcherblock Mountains (-335, -250). You'll be sent to Darvil Blackfist towards the western end of the zone (-597, 612). He wants you to find three treasure caches and expect to be ambushed after getting each one:

Brodor Heartmill's -949, 60

Jerym Frothbrew's -20, -328

Orram Lockson's -495, 690

After you are done, head back to Zha Gu'Lau. He'll want you to place these wonderful treasures throughout the Irontoe Camp. The first is in the barrack in Eastern Irontoe, the other two are the North and South barracks in Western Irontoe.

Return to Zah Gu'Lau for your reward and head back to Danak.

Forsaken (55)

Danak is going to send you to Lower Faydark for some more evil fun. Travel near the Greater Faydark entrance (he's near a split in the road) at -406, 50 and speak to guess who? Zha Gu'Lau! He will give you one of the BEST deity quests ever. It's time to smash some Brownies (it'd be a great time to pick up your Lore and Legend at the Lower Grove station if you haven't). You'll need to locate 3 patrols of them around -400, -20. They should all be nearby to the south, west, and east. After you've eliminated them, head back to Zah Gu'Lau.

He'll next instruct you to kill some treespirits, so the evilness continues. Head to -525, 330 and destroy all you need to make him happy. Your final task is to kill brownie sages near Panderpana around -695, -150 and head back to Zha Gu'Lau to complete the quest.

Somborn Spirits (65)

Danak is going to send you to the Loping Plains. Find Zha Gu'Lau in the Somborn Village around -355, 39 and he'll give you yet another dastardly task.

Head to the city graveyard and pillage Ysa's grave; are you feeling evil yet? Next you'll head to the broken spires west of town (81, -329) and dig up more graves. Beware, there is a chance a disturbed spirit will spawn each time you harvest. Once you have your update, head back to Zha Gu'Lau.

Next, he'll send you for the "tragedy" which can be found to the north around (-391, -92). Once you have it, return it to him. You'll receive a book and are instructed to walk to the outside of town where the bridge is. You'll notice a “wish” and will click selecing “Place Amulet” to proceed. John Dondrael's spirit will pop up and you'll need to hail him. Pick up the belongings he drops and head back to town.

Zha Gu'Lau will now instruct you to place the items in various locations around town. It's picky where you drop them, so putting them in a hotbar might speed things up. The Jewlery box goes near Vinatori (-387, -86), the scarf near a building (-328, -4), and the hairbrush near the church (-390, -59).

Return to Zha Gu'Lau to complete this quest.

Strife (70)

Time to complete your turn to the dark side! Danak will send you to Feerott to find Zha Gu'Lau near -315, 100 (this is the waterfall)

Mr. Gu'Lau will ask you to retrieve some skulls. The Dar'Lek skull is in a camp near -1015, 700 in a tent. The Vul'Thos skull is near the Alliaz Tae Outpost around -1260, 685 inside a tent. It's time to kill the owners of the skulls ummm, again. Head to the Eye of Thule (-320, 850) and summon the owners, then kill them. You'll receive a charm after defeating them from a chest.

Now head to the Temple of Cazic-Thule. As you zone in, you'll find statues at the entrance clickable. Using them will spawn the Essence of Fear. Destroy it.

Finally, return to the Fear Portal at the far eastern end of Feerott and kill Duarin Theerego to finish your final quest. Return to Zha Gu'Lau and then to Danak. Congratulations! You are really freaking evil now!

See any corrections or changes that need to be made? Email me, you'll get full credit.

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Cazic Thule Cloak

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016