flaunted your muscular physique through many fights,
crushing your foes beneath your mighty fists. Other players fear your
very name as you’ve left nothing but broken bodies behind you
through numerous UTC fights and B.A.S.H. free-for-alls. Now, you have
come to a PvP match unlike any other in Champions Online; a match
called Apocalypse: Stronghold. What makes Apocalypse: Stronghold
different than the other PvP matches? Mainly, it is the fact that there
is actual strategy involved in this scenario. We are here today to
provide an overview of this PvP scenario, thus hopefully allowing you
to gain the upper hand over your foes.


The premise of Apocalypse: Stronghold is rather straightforward.
Namely, a group of villains are attempting to escape from Stronghold
Prison whilst a group of heroes is attempting, naturally, to stop said
villains from escaping. To win the scenario, you have to defeat the two
leaders (villains or heroes) that are assigned to each side. When you
join the queue for the scenario, it shouldn’t take too long
to get the action going as typical wait times for new matches to begin
tend to be fairly short. Once you have entered the scenario, you will
be assigned to either the villain or hero team. You will begin in a
starter area that has an elevator that will take you to the main map
where all the action takes place. In the starter area is also a
computer that, if you use it, will give you the particulars for this

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Using the computer to get all the pertinent information about the
scenario, you will find that there are a few more wrinkles to the
scenario. First, each side has a number of turrets that guard the base
room of the opposing teams. These turrets do a good deal of damage and
can negate travel powers. Also, each side can summon reinforcements
from time to time using the communication consoles. Reinforcements are
additional heroes (or villains) that will appear and head towards the
enemy’s base to take on their leaders, and everybody that
gets in the way! There are also two control consoles, one located
closely to each side’s base room. These control consoles can
be taken over by either side. The more consoles you control, the
greater the number of reinforcements that you summon.

Therefore, to win the scenario, you have to fight your way to your
opponent’s base room, taking out the turrets (and hopefully
taking control of their console) and enemy players along the way. Once
inside their base room, you have to overcome two strong heroes (or
villains). Once both leaders have been eliminated, your side wins.


Basically, it is important to work with the other members of your team.
You need to, as a group, fight your way to the enemy’s base
room and then engage the leaders. If you go running off by yourself,
you’ll probably be beaten down, either by the turrets or by
enemy players (if there’s more than one). If you can, take
control of the enemy’s control console, while also not
allowing them to take control of yours. Summon reinforcements any time
that you can. Having additional super-powered allies is a good thing.
If the enemy is attacking your base room and you are defeated, run back
as quickly as possible. You will respawn in the starting area. All you
have to do is run over to the elevator to get back into the action.

That being said, it is best to concentrate on bringing down the enemy
leaders as quickly as possible. First, the longer the fight drags on,
the greater the chances that the enemy will take control of the
consoles and swing the advantage back to their side when they summon
reinforcements. Also, you don’t want to get trapped in the
scenario for forever. There is no time limit to Apocalypse: Stronghold,
so there is no real benefit to taking your focus off of defeating the
enemy leaders. In fact, I have actually stood by and done nothing as
the opposing team attacked my leaders as that I desperately wanted the
match to end after being trapped in it for so long.

It is far easier to play defense in this scenario in that there are
only two approaches leading to a single entrance to each base room. In
addition, players respawn just a room away from the base room and can
back in the fight in a few seconds. Therefore, if you die during a
fight, get back to the base room as soon as possible! The opposing
players have a great deal farther to travel than you do when they
respawn.  Conversely, if you’re on offense,
don’t let up! Have the entire team attack at the same time
and make sure to heal each other if you’re able to. Defeating
a defending player means they’re out of the fight for about
10 seconds or so. If an attacking player is dropped, they’ll
be out for at least 3 times as long.

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The main tip in this scenario is to work together. Going lone-wolf
will get you killed most of the time. Your group needs to attack and
defend as one. Another decent tip that is useful for attacking is to
have most of the group draw out the opposing team to one of the
corridors, while a member or two of your team tries to slip behind the
opposing team using the other corridor.


Overall, Apocalypse: Stronghold is not a terrible scenario, but a bland
one with some design flaws in it. Sadly, it is the best PvP scenario in
the game as that it is the only one with some strategy to it.
Hopefully, in the future Cryptic can improve this scenario (and create
a few more!). The best bet for ultimate victory is to work together,
whether it be on offense or defense.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016