Blood Moon event for Champions Online is here! Full of undead
ghoulies and zombies, this holiday event finds the intrepid heroes of
Millennium City fighting against the vile lich, Takofanes. Fortunately
for our brave heroes, defiance against the vile fiend can result in
some fine rewards. The foremost reward that can be won during the Blood
Moon, running from October 27th to November 10th, is to unlock the
newest power set available in Champions Online, namely the Celestial
power set. Players can attain use of this healing and support power set
a full two weeks early before it becomes available to the masses. Yes,
you can radiate sparkly do-goodness a full two weeks before your
friends. Imagine their jealousy as you prance around them, reveling in
your new powers, as they curse their fate to be earthbound to your
“celestial” state!

How do you achieve such greatness, you ask? Do not worry, gentle
readers, your friends here at Ten Ton Hammer are here to guide you
through the steps to unlock the newest power set. The simple answer to
our central question is that, to unlock the celestial power set, you
have to complete the Dawn of the Undead Heroes mission chain. In this
mission chain, there are 13 poor heroes, victims of the Battle of
Detroit, who have had their souls trapped by Takofanes. Now in their
undead state, they are forced to serve their evil master. Your goal is
to free their trapped souls. Once you have freed all 13 souls, you will
have unlocked the celestial power set.

To begin, the 13 undead heroes can be found at the portals scattered
throughout Millennium City. Each hero is found at a specific portal. To
save you time flying all over the city in a vain attempt to find all
the portals, we have a handy map located below showing all the

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  • Portal 1 – Crusher
  • Portal 2 – Eclipse
  • Portal 3 –
    Flechette 2
  • Portal 4 –
  • Portal 5 – Goblin
  • Portal 6 – Hercules
  • Portal 7 – Vigil
  • Portal 8 – Amazing
  • Portal 9 – Nimbus
  • Portal 10 – Radion
  • Portal 11 –
  • Portal 12 – Tiger
  • Portal 13 –

Portal # 1 on the map is the one with the circle around it.

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Trapped Undead Hero

The mission at each portal is
two-fold. First, you will have to defeat a zombie horde and the undead
hero when they spawn. Each portal will spawn 30 minutes after the
undead hero is defeated. (Kudos to Cryptic from changing this from 90
minutes!) When the portal timer reaches zero, the undead hero and the
zombies will emerge. The hero will be encased in a mystical bubble,
impervious to attack. Your job at this point is to destroy 50 of the
zombie minions. Once 50 zombies have been vanquished, the undead hero
will emerge from the bubble and attack. Here, you’ll fight to
bring down the undead hero. They are extremely tough, so make sure that
there are plenty of other heroes around! Don’t be crazy and
go mano-a-mano with them. Keep an eye out for zombies while
you’re fighting the hero as that zombies will continue to
spawn. Once you’ve defeated the undead hero, you’ll
gain a perk for that particular hero and get the mission to enter
Takofanes’ crypt. Stand close to the hero’s body to
make sure that you get the mission.

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Undead Villain

Once you’ve acquired the mission to enter
Takofanes’ crypt, you can enter at any time through the
portal. You do not have to go right away; you can wait for a better day
if you wish to. When you do decide to enter, make sure that you have
friends with you. The recommended number is three. After
you’ve entered the crypt, you must travel through it to get
to the altar room where the hero’s spirit is trapped.
You’ll be attacked by more zombies and other undead as you
travel through the crypt. Once you reach the altar room,
you’ll be treated to a cutscene showing the hero begging you
to release their spirit. You’ll notice the large, winged
creature at the base of the altar. This beast is a servant of Takofanes
and is holding the hero’s spirit hostage. Once inside the
room, you will fight a few zombies attending the beast. Fortunately,
you can pull these zombies without pulling the winged creature. Once
you’ve cleared the room of zombies, then it’s time
to attack! Gang up on the evil creature and pummel it to pulp!
He’s pretty tough, so definitely don’t attack him
solo, unless you enjoy dying. When the creature is destroyed, the
hero’s spirit is released. Go up to the altar and investigate
it for a reward, which can include a costume unlock.

Once you have done this for all 13 heroes, you will be rewarded with
the unlocking of the celestial power set. In addition, you can take
home the wholesome satisfaction of freeing the anguished souls of 13
valiant heroes, and isn’t that what being a superhero all

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016