After your hero has had their fill of the Southwest Desert, Canadian
Wilderness, and Millennium City, they’ll be treated to one of
the most interesting zones in the game, Monster Island. To first enter
this new zone, players will have to complete the href=""
target="_blank">Crisis on Monster Island
mission chain. This tropical island zone rightfully deserves its name
of Monster Island, as that there are many dangerous beasts lurking in
the jungle. The creations of two mad scientists, Dr. Moreau and
Teleios, can be found roaming throughout the land.

The genetically bred dinosaurs of Teleios can be found in a few
scattered pockets, while the Manimals, half-man and half-animal
creations of Dr. Moreau, can be found throughout the entire island.
Some Manimals are friendly and only wish to live in peace; however
there are others who will seek to destroy you as you venture forth. In
addition to these creatures, the foul minions of two evil
organizations, Viper and ARGENT, have built several bases upon Monster
Island. If wild beastmen and criminal henchmen weren’t
enough, the Qularr, alien invaders, have also set up shop upon this
tropical paradise. And to the northern part of the island, dominated by
a large volcano, can be found the cruel remnants of a long-lost race,
the Lemurians. All in all, Monster Island is filled with fascinating
sights as well as deadly enemies.

Like every other zone in Champions Online, Monster Island has a number
of specific areas called neighborhoods. Monster Island has a grand
total of seven neighborhoods. We will take a closer look at each
neighborhood, telling you if there are any respawn points, general
information about the area, the enemies that you will face there, and
what level range the neighborhood is in.

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This neighborhood is your starting point for the zone, centered on the
Bureau 17 base. Here, you can find the plane to take you back to
Millennium City, plus the submarine to take you to Lemuria when you
achieve the level necessary. Also located within the Bureau 17 base is
the Powerhouse, where you can level up. Your primary enemies here are
the bad Manimals, which include Rats, Cats, Bears, Stags, Birds,
Cannibalistic Bears, Cannibalistic Rats, and Rabid Stags. There are
also minions of ARGENT lurking around, including Operatives, Captors,
Counteragents, and Combat Engineers.




This neighborhood, located on the southern part of Monster Island, is
home to a Viper facility, some bad Manimal villages, and the lab of Dr.
Moreau. The enemies here include the villains of ARGENT, such as
Manimal Poachers and Poacher Guides. Located strongly around their base
are the members of Viper, including Air Cavalry, Viper Beastmen,
Scarlet Serpent Initiates, Brickbusters, Executor Guards, and Red Guard
Knife Fighters. There are, of course, more Manimals in the area, such
as Birds, Rats, Cats, and Bears.

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This part of Monster Island has a strong Qularr presence. Notable areas
of interest in this neighborhood are the Qularr Mothership, the
Radiation Caves, and the Great Barrier Grief open mission. The Qularr
enemies that are found here are Firebugs, Invasion Leaders, Swarmlords,
Bugkeepers, Flying Drones, and Infected Invasion Leaders. In addition,
the Qularr have reprogrammed a great number of Bureau 17 machines to
use as their own. These machines include Reprogrammed Force Drones,
Reprogrammed Protector Droids, Reprogrammed Behemoth Battledroids,
Reprogrammed Hunter Drones, and Reprogrammed Revenger Droids. Aliens
and robots sums up this neighborhood!

Corporate Wildlife Preserve



This area is dominated by ARGENT, an evil corporate entity. Dominating
the landscape in this neighborhood is the ARGENT Hunting Lodge, a vast
structure looming over the jungle. There are also a number of ARGENT
facilities dotted around this area as well. There are a few Manimals
here (such as Cats, Bears, Rats, and Birds), but the vast amount of
enemies to be found here are the minions of ARGENT. These minions
include Soldiers, AA Flak Guns (be careful flying around!), Kidnappers,
Combat Engineers, Enslaved Manimals, Handlers, Counteragents,
Operatives, and Mechenforcers.




Contrary to its name, there are no snakes to be found at Slither Beach.
This area has a number of Viper facilities wherein you can find their
evil minions. These minions include Red Guard Knife Fighters, Adder
Technicians, Air Cavalry, Scarlet Serpent Initiates, Tower Defender
Vipers, Tartrappers, and Golden Extractors. There are also a few
Manimals floating around (Cats, Birds, and Bears). In addition, there
are also some dinosaurs running amok in this area. These dinosaurs are
Teleiosian Hatchlings and include Altered Hatchlings, Throwbacks, and
Starvelings. Plus, there are a small number of Fire Demons (Hellhounds,
Fire Golems, Infernals, and Succubae) that can be found in Magma Cave,
located on the top of a peak with a path leading towards its entrance.
You will recognize the path when you see low level Demonlings running
down the path from the cave entrance.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016