The Cleric


As the premier healing class in most games, the cleric is a master of healing and curative magics. In Vanguard: Saga of Heroes this role will continue. She will have the ability to cure damage at first level as well as cure wounds at sixth level. This will assure her a continued place in adventuring groups.

The cleric’s role won’t be limited to just healing her friends. The spell selection for the class will include buffs for her allies and painfully offensive spells to hurl at her opponents. Through divine rites and favors she will make certain that the gods’ will is felt. These rites and favors will require preparation prior to their use. When the cleric’s comrades fall in battle she will be able to resurrect them. This spell is gained at 15th level. At this point in the game’s development, the act of resurrection is only available after combat. This is, of course, subject to change.


Not limited to just spells, it is expected that clerics will be in the thick of combat. Wearing heavy plate armor and wielding blunt weapons she will stand with the others of his group beating back those who would do them harm. Sigil Games Online plans to de-emphasis the need for constant healing as well as increase the tactical aspects of combat. We may find ourselves more in need of a good mace then a good healing spell.

So dust off those prayer beads and books! Buff up that armored breastplate and rewrap your mace’s handle. The time of the battle cleric will soon be upon us!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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