Bobble Head locations in Fallout 4 range from the extremely hard to find, to the hidden in plain sight. If you’ve played previous Fallout games, you’ve probably got a good idea of where to start looking, but even so, the world is huge and full of nooks and crannies.

To get you started on the right foot, we’ve compiled a list of all the Bobbleheads we’ve managed to find in game so far, along with their locations. Be wary though, some of these locations are full of powerful enemies, come prepared.

  • Agility | Wreck of the FMS Northern Star [South East corner near the shore] – Locate on a wooden platform sticking out from the bow.
  • Barter | Longneck Lukowski's Cannery [North Eastern Shore by the unloading bridge] – The metal catwalk has a small room attached to it containing the pip boy.
  • Big Buns | Vault 95 [South West by the Edge of the Glowing Sea] – Found on a radio in the living quarters.
  • Charisma | Parsons State Insane Asylum [North between Lynn Woods and the elevated freeway] – On top of Jack Cabot’s Desk.
  • Endurance | Poseidon Energy [South East by the Boat Graveyard] – The structure at the middle of the catwalk on the desk.
  • Energy Weapons | Fort Hagen [East Center] – Inside the main command structure on a table sandwiched between two refrigerators.
  • Explosives |Saugus Ironworks [Along the Eastern most elevated highway] – On the catwalk in the blast furnace room.
  • Intelligence | Boston Public Library [Central] – In the North West corner of the library building on a bank of computers.
  • Lock Picking | Pickman Gallery [East Central] – In the area where you meet Pickman, it’s in the last tunnel between the two stone pillars.
  • Luck | Spectacle Island [Large South Eastern Island] – Off the Southern tip of the island on the top level of a green boat on a book shelf.
  • Medicine | Vault 81[East Central, just east of the Chestnut Hillock Reservoir] – Located in Curies office which is in the south east corner of the vault.
  • Melee | Trinity Tower [Central] – At the top of Trinity tower where Rex and Strong are being held prisoner.
  • Perception | Museum of Freedom [Concord] – Highest room at the front of the building on a metal desk.
  • Repair | Corvega Assembly Plant [East – Just South of Lexington] – On the South West edge of the roof, out at the tip of a metal walkway.
  • Science | Malden Middle School (Vault 75) [North Central –Slocum Joes Corporate HQ] – On the 3rd floor of the Basement on the desk in the room adjacent to the cafeteria.
  • Small Guns | Gunners Plaza [Central South] – On the west side of the main building in the room with the “On Air” sign.
  • Sneak | Dunwich Borers [East – Beside Hugo’s Hole] – Beside a metal pole on a table lite by a lantern.
  • Speech | Park Street Station (Vault 114)[Central] - In the Overseer's office
  • Strength | Mass Fusion Building [Central] – In the lobby above the main desk located on the metal structure above.
  • Unarmed | Atom Cats Garage [South East coast – North of Quincy] – In the main garage, on the hood of one of the car husks.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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