Grenades in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive come in many different flavors. CS:GO has more grenade types than any other CS game to date, including the new Molotov Cocktail and other flavors of grenades. We'll be going over the different types, their cost, and their most effective uses below. 

Most grenades in CS:GO decrease your movement speed by 5 units per second (250 to 245), a major change from previous CS games. You can alter how you throw a grenade by either using fire, alternate fire (medium throw distance) or pressing both the left/right mouse buttons for a much longer throw. 

HE Grenade 

The high explosive is a frag grenade designed to explode. New in CS:GO is their ability to take down doors if they land close enough to them. They deal 98 damage to unarmored targets and 57 to armored, with a direct hit almost completely taking someone out of the battle. It's best use is clearing rooms and controlling the location of the enemy, in addition to punishing enemies that group up together in a room. 

Comes in at the pricey $300. 

Decoy Grenade 

New to CS:GO, the Decoy Grenade will emulate your most powerful weapon and flash an enemy sign on the mini-map, while looking very much similar to a Flashbang (a red stripe is the only difference). While it's operating, it'll continue to make noise and ping the mini-map as if an enemy is in that location, and after it has finished playing the sound it will self-destruct. 

It's very useful for making enemies assume you or your team is moving in another direction or to lure the enemy into a advantageous location. It can backfire if your team is trying to move through the map without being seen or heard, as the enemy player icon is going to be close to where you were no matter what. 

Very cheap at $50. 

Smoke Grenade 

Love it or hate it, the smoke grenade unleashes a smoke screen in a medium sized area. It has a lot to it so pay attention. Once thrown, the smoke emits out of the cannister and anyone caught within the smoke screen is pretty much blinded, while anyone outside of it can't really see inside of it. In CS:GO the effects of the smoke screen are much greater, including hazing out the screen when you enter into the cloud and the smoke is much thicker / harder to see through. 

There is a lot of reasons to use it. Offensively, to hide yourself as you charge into a room (making it harder for enemies to discern where you are at), defensively in retreat, or strategically either by throwing in a decoy grenade or an HE grenade. Either can confuse or damage the enemy. 

The grenade is great in tight areas where it's harder to see on the other side. 

Players often spray inside of the smoke screen. 

They cost a pricey $300. 


Any player caught looking at the flashbang when it explodes will have their vision "blanked out" with white for up to 5 seconds (depending on distance). In CS:GO, players who are close to the flashbang will also be blinded, although for a much shorter duration. While watching tournaments, players who have been blinded will have an X near their name usually and you can spot blinded players as they will have an arm covering their eyes. 

Very dangerous because there is a high risk of flashing your allies, but it's cheaper than a smoke/HE grenade and can be used to flush enemies out of a room (or blind them for an easy kill). 

Costs a cheaper $200. 

Molotov Cocktail / Incendiary Grenade 

Both grenades put down a pool of molten fire on the ground damage anyone that walks through it, best used to control movement.  

While both feature the same mechanic, the Molotov (Terroists) is cheaper, has higher armor penetration, and faster weapon switch (longer deploy time and larger projectile). The fire can be put out with a Smoke Grenade. 

Molotov is $400 / Incendiary is $600 

That's grenades in CS:GO for ya!  

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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