Okay, due to the fact that my second card on my camera has died, I lost a LOT of pictures.

Luckily for you, everyone and their BROTHER (and sister, and cousin, and roommate's Uncle's brother's nephew's mailman) had a camera with them.

These are from my personal stash, and more will be added as we play a rousing game of "Oh my god was I drunk"



Me with Taea and Loolee. You see? Here is the cardinal difference between Shipwreck and myself. When I have to sit in a warm, cramped, stuffy room for long periods of time, I find a place to sit that distracts me from the situation....

...and so does Shipwreck.

Each to his own I suppose. Up top you have Darammer, Brok, Shipwreck getting his game on, Tallika, and Tallika's mammoth beard. (Not shown, Sypher - he was eaten by the beard and is ...no more.)

What is worse than Horchata? INSTANT HORCHATA!! Just add regret!

This was brought to me by the legendary Niami DenMother, who saw it in a store and thought of me. Most of Fan Faire was comprised of people running up to me and saying "Coyote! I have something for you!" while they dig around in their bags.

Luckily, Niami is hot enough where anything she has for me, I'll gladly want. Unless ya know...it is "cuddle time" with the house Ogre. Then, not so much.

What is in the box? What is in the box? This.

THIS was in the box.

Notice the freaky-deaky stitches where the Coyote head USED to be. What you can't see through the magic of photography is the fact that whatever substance it is stuffed with is starting to smell and leak blood.

Hold me.

And speaking of dead and dying...

Here is Ship doing JUST THAT.

Seems that SOMEBODY got a case of the "giggles" during a conference and constantly disrupted the entire event through wet snorts and wheezing laughter. Good job embarassing us Shipwreck. GOD. We can't take you ANYWHERE.

Ship got yelled at, and we were escorted from the room. Stupid me, I had to resist and..well..

They chased me down, but they were just Speeder Troopers - and let's face it. If a couple of ewoks can kill one, your Uncle Coyote can get away.


....until they hired the Bounty Hunter to come get me.

And once again I was in custody.

But then he got distracted making out with Han Solo all frozen in Carbonite and I made a mad dash for the door....

...right into a bunch of Storm Troopers.

One rifle butt to the side of the head and well...

I started seeing double.

Actually, that's Brasse from http://www.thebrasse.com and our very own Tallika. Brasse is an amazing (and under the dwarven armor and beard, HOT) role player and her costume ended up netting her first prize at the contest.

Brok, Loolee, Trebs, Tallika, and Tallika's beard at breakfast. Notice no food? The beard consumes all.

Brok's metal face is brought to you today by the letter "T" and by the number "No one likes Peter Criss dude. Seriously" .

Who is my pretty little Hawaiian Princess? Yes you are Darammer. Yes you are. Sessy.

Kiara doing product placement ads for Starbucks coffee - a product that she is NEVER allowed to have.

Oh, she might look hot - but you give her a few sips of expresso and then you have "hyper active hot chick" which is just...

....wait. No. That's a GOOD thing.

This is Taea's Tattoo. I really like tattoos. Really. They are artistic, meaningful and in no way shape or form give me excuses to stare at really hot women's legs while they show off the art.

Also in the picture, the world's luckiest chair.


Check out the guy on the left. Hehe. "This was so totally worth coming out of the basement and having my mom drive to the airport. Girls rule."


And lastly, Loo proudly showing off her winning "Player of the Year" Sash..

God DAMN I love Vegas...




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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016