Crypt of Valdoon: An Undead Smorgasbord

by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

On the side of a jagged mountain nestled next to the sinister Castle Mistmoore, resides the Crypt of Valdoon. Some of you might remember Valdoon as a very dangerous raid encounter in the original EverQuest. Guess what? He died, and they stuck him in a cave on the side of this mountain. So you have a dank, dark, dismal cave to explore. What else could you possibly need in a crypt?

Bazillions of Undead and traps! What else? The Crypt of Valdoon has mobs from level 70-72 and it is considered the toughest non-raid instance in EoF. Your group should contain level 70's, although anyone 67+ can usually survive.

There isn't a map but the layout is fairly simple. You'll enter the first room and see a long hallway to your right. As you enter the hallway you'll see another hallway to your right. Most groups tackle this hallway first. Time for traps 101. The hallway may look empty, but it's far from it. As you move forward slowly a group of skeletons will pop up and attack. Once you end the hallway you'll turn left to a room full of werewolves.

This room requires body pulls. I can't count how many times an overconfident tank has walked in there and pulled 4 or 5 encounters much to the annoyance of the party. When you've cleared out this room (the room to the left is optional) it's time for your first named.

The Beastmaster!

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Your first large encounter is going to be Elenorel the Beast Tamer. This 71 ^^^ heroic isn't all that difficult, but is surrounded by werewolves and without proper pulling you'll get more than you can handle. Elenorel also doesn't like you mocking Elenorel's name or the fact you can't figure out whether they are male or female. The wolves can be cleared on one side and this is pretty much a pushover encounter. A fairly nice pair of plate leggings with 2% haste if can drop its an ornate chest and a fair treasured ear ring otherwise.

After you've killed Elenorel, you'll head back to the main hallway you came from. This hallway now has skeleton traps as well. Have your tank pick a side to make their way down. There is an optional room on the left if you want a few extra kills but you'll reach a T-intersection. Be mindful of the patrolling mob to your right, but you'll want to head left.

Here you are at another room with multiple wandering encounters. A careless tank will bring more fun than you could ever want. Clear out this room and the one to your right if you want. You'll then follow some stairs down to another room.

How Original is the Originator?

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Irodal the Originator

This next room when you enter will have a number of guards around an unattackable NPC. It is important that everyone is inside the room when you start killing those creatures. The hallway will burst into flames. The bad news about the flames is, if you lose this fight you'll have to run back through them with a significant disadvantage. The good news is, I totally have no good news for you. That's the long and short of it.

Clearing out the guards will trigger a script and launch Irodal the Originator in a long speech where he devours souls, etc, etc... Soon him and his pet gargoyle will want to start whaling on you. Be mindful of poison, trauma, and an AE elemental he'll drop on you. Both creatures are 71^^^ heroics and aren't too painful if you are ready for them.

Irodal drops a not so great earring in his normal treasure chest. If you manage to get his ornate you'll get a really nice piece of jewelry.

It's time to make your way to the last encounter of the zone. You have two options at this point. Option 1, yell at your Scout to evac you to the entrance and make it snappy. Option 2, fight your way back out through the room you just cleared which has automagically filled itself with werewolves. If you took option 1, you are going to head back to the T-intersection and make a right instead of a left. If you took option 2, when you exit the room run just head straight.

It's time for more traps. That's right, more skeleton fun promises to pop out as you walk down the hallway. You'll notice a handy, dandy, forcefield blocking your way. Fortunately in the room to your right, you'll find some creatures to kill who will lower it for you. Clear the room beyond the forcefield and you'll be next to the last room. This one requires a little bit of stragety (intentionally misspelled).

Vampires...Why'd it have to be Vampires?

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Count Valdoon

Holy freaking crap! It's Valdoon. Why isn't he dead? This IS a crypt right? When you enter the room you are going to want to pick one of the back corners behind the gargoyles to set up. When your group is ready, send someone up near Valdoon who will begin his long winded tail of...I should really learn Dark Elf, Erudite, or whatever that was.

Surprise, surprise the gargoyles come to life as level 71^^^ heroics. Your group has placed itself so it doesn't get aggro from more than one at a time though so this should be cake. After all four have been defeated Valdoon will start another session of speech I've never understood. He'll then morph (yes I said morph) into a level 72^^^ beast. This guy hits hard and uses a number of abilities so stay sharp. He'll need to be burned fast. Why? Because friggin skeletons start popping in the middle of the room! And the worst part is, they don't stop EVER! I have never survived the onslaught although I know ten minutes after I finish this, I'm going to get an email from some uber raider saying they soloed the entire thing.

Valdoon lootz is what it was all about. Valdoon drops a number of awesome pieces including a wrist piece of the class set armor. I've also seen him drop a nice plate breastplate, and a fear procing 1 handed slash weapon.

See anything that was missed or a mistake? Email me! You'll get credit for the correction/addition.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016