Cursed Hollow is one of several maps available to player in Heroes of the Storm. A 5v5 battleground, this map has the feel of an haunted forest and feels distinctly creepy upon entrance . Cursed Hollow is of the three lane map design common to Heroes of the Storm.

The main feature of this map is the Raven Lord. The master of this map, the Raven Lord will ask your team to collect tributes. The team who succeeds will earn the favor of the Raven Lord, who will place a powerful and loathsome curse on your enemies.

Primary Map Objectives

The main objective of the Curse Hollow map is for teams to collect tribute to pay to the Raven Lord. The team who pays the required amount of tribute, in the least amount of time, will earn the favor of the Raven Lord. The Raven Lord will then curse the opposing team for a short period of time. This curse is powerful and could mean winning or losing on this map.

Collect Tributes

To earn the favor of the Raven Lord, teams must collect tributes for him. Tributes are not available when the map first loads. Instead they will spawn periodically as game play goes on. A message will appear, with a countdown, when tributes are spawning. Tribute locations will be indicated on the mini-map.

Tributes appear as small angels on the map. In order to capture a tribute, a hero must channel it for several seconds. The channeling process can be broken by damage or movement. Heroes must be protected to secure a tribute. A way to view how many tributes your team (and the enemy team) have collected will appear on your main screen. Three tributes will earn the Raven Lord's favor and he will curse the enemy team.

Curse of the Raven Lord

As previously mentioned, when a team collects three of the tributes, the Raven Lord will place his curse on the opposing team. While cursed, the team's minions are easier to kill and their towers stop firing. This allows your team to push forward with ease and dominate. Securing tributes and earning the curse against the opposing team is essential for winning on this map.

Secondary Map Objectives

While it is easy to simply focus on the Raven Lord and his curse, Curse Hollow has the usual mercenary camps and watchtowers for players to make use of.

Mercenary Camps

Cursed Hollow provides players with all three kinds of mercenary camps:

  • Siege Giants – Located near each lane that will push the closest lane when captured.
  • Knights – Located opposite the Siege Giants and will push the closest lane when captured.
  • Grave Golems – Located at the very center of the forest.

Securing these camps, while the enemy team is cursed, can make your push into the opposing base even more successful.


Cursed Hollow boasts several watchtowers that your team can attempt to control. Watchtowers provide the team that controls them extended vision in that area. This makes pinpointing the movements of the enemy team much easier.

Cursed Hollow: How to Play

The key to winning the Cursed Hollow map is, of course, earning the Raven Lord's curse against the other team. The first curse is the most important, the team that earns the first curse usually maintains the advantage till the end. Failing to do so can be devastating to your team.

Many teams try to apply constant pressure in all three lanes. Then, just before a tribute spawns, the team will make a large push to the enemies base. This forces the opposing team to send players to defend the base, leaving less enemies around the tribute. This method requires excellent team work, however, when timed correctly can be brutally effective.

Other players prefer a less forward strategy. They instead work on keeping enemies away from their base, while staying alive. When a tribute spawns the team works together to fight their way to the tribute. The key to this stage is working is dropping everything the moment the Raven Lord announces the spawn of the tribute. The team who comes upon the tribute first has a clear advantage and will likely take it.

Please note, these strategies are suggestions only. Do not be afraid to improvise and play to the strengths of your team. Create your own strategies that will take your team to victory. How you win is not important.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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