When Mists of Pandaria was getting ready to launch Blizzard announced that they were going to be removing the cap to the number of dailies that you could do each day, which had been 25.  Players wondered what this was going to mean, how many dailies were there going to be.  Well, we all found out, that it meant that there were going to be a lot, and more have been added with patches already and this is likely to continue.

OMG, How many dailies are there?

As mentioned above there used to be a maximum number of dailies that you could do each day, and therefore Blizzard build around that number.  There were more than 25 out there, but not a whole lot, and not a lot of them that you needed to complete.

All that changed with Mists of Pandaria, as there are now significantly more that 25 in the game and completing them is required for many reasons. 

Once you gain access to all of the different factions and all of the quests that each faction allows you to do, there are literally 100’s of dailies.  Of that list you can complete roughly 50 each day, which are made up of :

Reasons to Do Dailies in MOP

With so many dailies to complete it is easy to get burnt out and not want to do them all.  While this is perfectly fine and you should not feel required to do all of them each and every day, there are many reasons to do the daily quests in Mists of Pandaria.  The reasons start with the very basic and move onto some that you may not have thought of.

To earn reputation with factions - This is probably the first and most common reason to complete dailies, to earn reputation with faction to be able to purchase items. There are a lot of great rewards from each of the factions and this will be the main reason that players go out to complete daily quests with them at first.

To earn some gold - This is something that many players do not consider, but really should.  Sure, you will not get rich from doing daily quests, but you will make more than enough to keep your gear repaired and buy the odd gem or enchant that you need.

The first and most important faction to start with for generating gold is the Golden Lotus.  This is for two reasons, the first is that you need to become at least revered with the Golden Lotus to open up daily quests with several of the other factions. The second reason is that they have the largest number of daily quests, all of which can be found in a small area so are the fast to complete.

When you first start questing with the Golden Lotus there will be 7 quests each day that you can complete and once you reach honored that jumps to 15 quests each day.  These can be completed very easily in less than 30 minutes and generate 20 gold each, meaning you will earn about 300 gold in 30 minutes.

If you were to complete all of the roughly 50 dailies you can complete in a day, then you could each about 1,000 gold each day just by doing dailies.  Again, not enough to get rich, but enough to get by on.

To earn Valor points - This is another reason that players should complete daily quests.  While each daily quests generally only grants 5 valor points, if you did complete all 50 daily quests each day that is 250 valor or ¼ of your weekly limit.  While it takes a while to do all of those quests in a day (probably 3-4 hours), it would take about the same time to run a series of heroics or raids to earn those points.

To earn raid rerolls for gear - This is a major reason to make sure that you do dailies, even after your reputation has been capped.  Almost all dailies provide 2 lesser charms of good luck, which can be turned in for elder charms of good luck, which provide extra chances at gear in LFR groups.  You need to collect 90 lesser charms to turn them in for 3 elder charms, which means going roughly 45 daily quests to earn them.

While you are gearing up in LFR raid runs, it is important to have as many of these as possible to speed up your gearing process.  I would suggest trying to have at least 6 of these each week to be able to help speed up gearing up your character.

What are the fastest dailies to complete?

I find it best to start with the Golden Lotus quests since they are centralized and condensed into a small area.  From there head over to the Klaxxi, then to the Shado-pan, then to the Order of the Cloud Serpent, and then onto the Operation: Shieldwall.  Since the August Celestials quests are in a different place each day, I complete them where they fit in the normal daily path. You can also fit in the Tillers and Anglers whenever you want, if you want to complete them.

If you are limited on time in a day, simply focus on the faction that you need reputation with the most.  If you are only in need of gold, valor, or good luck charms then focus instead on the factions that allow you to complete the most quests in the least time.  This will almost always be at least the first group of Golden Lotus quests, then the Klaxxi, and then finally the Auguest Celestials and whichever faction is near their daily group.


If you have additional reasons to complete daily quests, or know better patterns to work on the dailies feel free to comment below.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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