Bards Don't Cast Magic
Missile, But Maybe They're Still Cool

Dungeons & Dragons Online bards take note. With Darkgolem's new
update to Level 2 Bard Spells, Spells of the Skald 2, you'll be able to
learn the strengths and weaknesses of 2nd level bard spells, including
all the newest spells added to DDO.

Level 2 bard spells are a mixed bag. You get more powerful
spells, some of which duplicate and amplify the benefit of 1st level
bard spells: Hypnotic Pattern instead of Hypnotism, Heroism
instead of Focusing Chant.  A new player should occasionally
switch out one spell for the other to get the feel for what works and
what doesn't.  This gives you an idea of what is worth using
as a second level, and what is worth keeping as a first level spell.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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