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Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach, originally released in
February of 2006 by Turbine, has recently joined the ranks of the
free-to-play as Dungeons and Dragons: Eberron Unlimited. Since the
release of the F2P game, players have swarmed back to DDOU. If you've
ever had an interest in returning to DDO, or trying the game out for
the first time, there couldn't be a better time to do so since
there’s no longer a subscription fee holding you back. There
are always plenty of players to group with and being able to play a
triple-A MMOG of this caliber is rarely done for free. 

Karthos Village is under attack by the same white dragon that destroyed
your ship, thus stranding you here in the first place. He's frozen the
docks and apparently has no plans for allowing it to thaw out any time
in the near future. If you want to have any hope of getting off Karthos
Island, it looks like you're going to have to take care of that dragon

Sure, the villagers you'll grab quests from may have information you
need and are happy to point you in the right direction, but when it's
all said and done, you're the one who’s going to be doing all
the heavy lifting. Would it really be Dungeons and Dragons if it were
any other way?

Get ready for some puzzle solving, spell slinging, and skull bashing
fun as we see what it takes to end the dragon's reign over Karthos

Heyton's Rest

As soon as you reach the outskirts of the village, a young lass by the
name of Kaja Bauerdatter will come into view, begging your assistance.
Lars Heyton, last of the great Heyton family wizards, is alive and well
(or so Kaja believes) and she needs you to find him by going into the
Heyton family crypts. Of course. Because it wouldn’t be a
Dungeons and Dragons quest if you got to hang out at a lovely park or a
warm beach, now would it?

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Be ready for spiders, skeletons,
zombies, and the dastardly Sahuagin
(that's fish folk for you non-pen-and-paper types). While you're down
there, be sure to smash all the tombs for an added XP bonus and some
minor loot. Hey, don't look at me like I’m suggesting
vandalism; it's Kaja’s own fault for not specifically telling
us to leave the crypts in tact.

The Storehouse's Secret

While walking into town, you'll notice a burly man by the name of Linus
Weir kicking back on a set of steps shortly before you get to the inn.
Even though he doesn't seem to believe Lars is alive and well, he still
thinks the old man could be useful. Lars stored all his scrolls in the
storehouse and one of them was all about dragons. Guess who he wants to
go grab it?

The storehouse is crawling with rats and spiders, but that's the least
of your problems. Once you locate the key to get into the locked
storeroom, a secret door will open and the frisky Sahuagin behind it
won’t seem amused. After you finish him off, there's still
small matter of getting past a magical shield Lars placed over the
dragon scroll. Out of all the scrolls available, he had to protect this
one. What are the odds?

The Collaborator

Since Linus wasn't able to read the scroll you retrieved, he sends you
to the inn to meet a man named Sigmund to see if he can figure it out.
Of course, when you get there, you learn some problems are more
pressing than translating some old scroll. There's a traitor in the
town that's been letting all these Cultists into the village and
Sigmund has discovered who it is.

It looks like Jacoby Drexelhand has not only given himself over to the
Cultists freely, but also plans on assassinating Sigmund tonight. He's
going to be in for quite a surprise when he finds you waiting for him
instead. Unfortunately, you've got to make it through numerous waves of
Sahuagin and Devourer minions before being able to chase him into the

After laying Jacoby to rest, be sure to kill a nasty Sahuagin by the
name of
Kiv Nerk down there for a nice XP bonus.

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Note: To complete the rest of
the quests available to you, you'll need to go
through the gate on the south end of town and locate the various
dungeons in what's called a wilderness area. These areas are instanced,
just for you and/or your party and serve as a more traditional open
area. There are plenty of mobs to kill, special locations to explore,
and even some rare named mobs that will drop some nice loot upon
defeat. Be sure to wander the entire island to get all the XP (and
enjoyment) you can out of it.


The mayor of Karthos Village, Viggie Storr, desperately needs your
help. He awoke to the screams of his daughter and has found no trace of
her. There's reason to believe she's been taken with a number of other
villagers up to Cannith Aqueducts.

The aqueducts are filled with spiders, Sahuagin, Devourer minions, and
a lot of scared villagers. Pure brawn won't get you through to the end
in this one if you want all the XP you can find. There are some puzzles
to test your noggin against as well. When you find the last of the
villagers (the mayor's daughter is among them) you can leave, but don't
be too hasty. Work your way back down the hall to kill the mage at the
bottom of the nearby duct and claim the treasure chest sitting beside

Necromancer's Doom

A questionable fellow if ever there was one, Handsome Wilm is hanging
down by the docks and wants your help in retrieving his boss. A group
of undead dragged her off in the middle of the night to a sewer on the

What initially appears to be your standard snatch and grab by your
everyday undead-raising priest eventually becomes something far more
sinister. Jacoby Drexelhand has been raised from the dead and is much
more powerful (not to mention ugly) than he was the first time you
killed him. He's also far more than a little pissed off, so enjoy
taking his ass down once again. Try to do the job right this time
though, will you?

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It turns out Kaja isn't the only one convinced that Lars is still
alive. Ursa Jernsvard is near the southern gate and wants to talk with
you. She does, of course, threaten to disembowel you if you repeat what
she confides. She thought she might have been seeing ghosts, but now
she's convinced she saw him alive in the Cannith Manufactory. One
second he was there, the next, he was gone. She wants you to go the
manufactory and get him to assist the town, no matter what it takes.

There may not be an overly abundant amount of combat in this dungeon,
but there are a lot of traps to avoid and some cool puzzles. As a note,
some of the valves needed for the crystal section are pretty small, so
be sure to search carefully.

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel like a complete
moron? If so, the moment you find Lars, you should feel right at ease.
The Sahuagin have been searching for Lars and now, thanks to you,
they've found him. Good job, Spiffy. You have no other choice now but
to fight your way through wave after wave of Sahuagin. Survive this
onslaught, though, and you'll be able to convince Lars to assist the

Misery's Peak

Up until now, all the dungeons you've gone into have been refurbished
from the original starting area in the first iteration of Dungeons and
Dragons Online. They've been done well, and changed up, but if you
played through those areas a lot when the game first released, you
won’t find many surprises (though there are a few). For this
reason alone, Misery's Peak is a welcome site. The dungeon is massive
and the caves it contains are huge. This is the first adventure you can
really take some time and sink your teeth into.

Since this is the grand finale, I won't ruin any of the surprise, but
get ready to have a great time. This dungeon is filled with undead, ice
spiders (including one named spider), and highlights just how cool
scripted events can be in an adventure. It also contains the biggest
and most interlocked puzzles you've run across yet. The adventure will
certainly take some time to get through, but it'll be a great ride so
be sure to enjoy it!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016