It's A Trap!

Into the lair of the Rakshasa of Gianthold. These nefarious backhanded
(literally) spirits have taken a hostage, and you are entering their
lair to save their hapless victim. Learn how to survive the attentions
of the vile rakshasa and their followers with Khalas's new guide to: A
Cry For Help!

"Casters will want to bring lots of crowd control such as Solid Fog,
Otto's Dancing Sphere, and Firewall for the doorways. You'll want a lot
of healing ability as many of the fights get pretty rough at times and
you'll often find yourselves outnumbered. Remove Fear is also a good
idea as the jariliths can cause this effect. Resist Fire, Cold, and Acid
are also nice."

Escape with your life by reading our guide!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016