In the World of Warcraft getting raid gear together is only half the problem. Once you have it, how do you enhance it? Which enchants, gems, armor kits, etc are the best for you to use? This guide steps in and helps everyone that is unsure of the best way to enhance their Death Knights raid items. So if you are just starting to raid, or are want to double check what you have been doing, this guide is for you!

The simplest and most straight forward enhancement that you can get for most of your gear is an enchantment. These are magically cast on your gear by an enchanter or by yourself using a scroll or enchanting that an enchanter created for you or that you bought in the auction house. While there are other types of item enhancements these are the only true "enchants", however most players refer to all types generically as enchants.

Check it all out in the guide to Death Knight Item Enhancement.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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