Druid Achievement Points Tree






Naturalist's Strength - Increases the Naturalist's strength by 8 each rank.

Animalist's Agility - Increases the Animilist's agility by 7 for each rank. Serenicist's Stamina - Increases the Serenicist's stamina by 5 for each rank Hierophant's Wisdom- Increases the Hierophant's wisdom by 4 for each rank Stormcaller's Intelligence - Increases the Stormcaller's intelligence by 6 for each rank
Nature Blade - A melee sword attack that increases the Naturalist's attack speed if it hits. Greatsword or Sword must be equipped in Primary. Does melee damage and increases Attack speed by 23. Calm Animals - Mesmerizes target group of animals. The Animalist must have a buckler equipped to use this ability. If the target receives any damage, the mesmerize effect breaks. Increased ranks will increase the duration of this spell. Serene Symbol - Dispels beneficial elemental and noxious spell effects on the Serenicist's target. Power is drained from the Serenicist for each beneficial spell effect removed. Hierophant's Grasp - A melee staff attack that damages and roots those near the Hierophant if it strikes anyone. This attack may only be used with a staff equipped, and the root effect has a chance at breaking every time the target receives damage.

Thunderspike - A melee hammer attack that deals additional magic damage. Requires Great Hammer, Hammer or Mace in primary.

Wild Ferocity - Increases the Naturalist's chance at attacking twice with every attack. Caster will double attack 5.0% of the time. Charm Animal - Charms target animal. The opponent has recurring chance to resist the charm throughout its duration. Higher ranks of this spell will decrease the chance at periodic resist.

Serene Knowledge - Every time the Serenicist casts a beneficial spell, it has a chance to grant immunity to most forms of stun and knockdown for a short duration. Chance to grant immunity increased with each rank.

Heirophant Movement - Increases the Hierophant's in combat movement speed. Stormcaller's Control - Increases the Stormcaller's chance at critical spell damage.

Natural Boon - The naturalist's attacks have a chance to heal the group with every successful attack.

AE group heal for 220. Percent chance to cast increases with each rank.

Wild Regeneration - Lowers the duration of the Animalist's primary single target and group regenerative spells, allowing the healing updates to occur in shorter time intervals.

Serene Focus - Increases the Serenicist's chance at critical healing. Increases the Heal Critical chance ever rank.

Hierophant Obfuscation - The Hierophant accrues less hate with enemies. Stormvision - Increases the Stormcaller's focus and disruption skills.

Primordial Strike - A melee attack that deals moderate damage and refreshes quickly.

Inflicts and 107-178 melee damage on target

Tortoise Shell - Stuns the Animalist. All area of effect abilities that do not directly target the Animalist's group are avoided as long as they are touching the Animalist. Requires a buckler equipped.

Serenity - Serenity grants the Serenicist immunity to stun and some knockdown effects. Serenity can be cast while stunned.

Rebirth - Rebirth will ressurect the Hierophant automatically (5 seconds) after death.

Infusion - Every time the Stormcaller casts a beneficial spell on an ally, Infusion deals magic damage to a nearby enemy. This costs a small amount of power every time it triggers.

Inflicts 55-92 dmg on target in Area of Effect.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016