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Dungeon Set 2 Upgrade Quest Guide

In patch 1.10 Blizzard implemented an upgrade to the class set items available in the late game instances. This change it to allow non-raiders to put time and effort in to gaining access to epic quality items without having to raid. While the items are not as good as raid epics they are a decent step up in power from the dungeon set 1 items.

The quests for the Horde and the Alliance side are almost identical, as are the quests between the classes. The main difference is the main quest provider. For Horde the main NPC is Movkar who can be found in Thrall's Room in Orgrimmar, while the main Alliance NPC is Deliana who can be found in King Bronzebeard's room in Ironforge.

Before you set out on this quest chain it is important to realize that it will take a significant amount of time and gold to complete. This is on top of the time that you have put into gathering the Dungeon 1 set.

What are the sets, and what do the levels mean?

The sets discussed here used to be described as tier 0 and tier 0.5 dungeon armor sets. They were referred to as tier 0 and 0.5 set, signifying that they are below the quality of the raiding 1 and 2 set. However they are now referred to as dungeon set 1 and 2 so that it is less confusing with the Burning Crusade additional sets.

The raiding epic level sets are now referred to as the tier sets. Tier 1 is from Molten Core, Tier 2 from Blackwing Lair, etc.

Knowing that the upgrade is going to take lots of time and money, make the decision for yourself if it is worth it. If you raid MC and BWL with your guild, you are better off getting your tier 1 and 2 sets. If you are a casual player then this is probably the best equipment you can get unless you decide to join a raiding guild or PvP a lot. In the end this quest chain will take several weeks of casual play and several hundred gold worth items from other players professions.

Even if you are in a raiding guild and / or have a tier 1 and / or 2 set, the quest chain is fun and challenging and may be worth doing just for something different to do. Many of the quests are fun, in the fact that you get to go back to the high level instances and play them as 5 man now instead of raiding them (as most people did). It is also fun if you enjoy small group tactics and play.

This is even a bigger issue now that the Burning Crusade has been released, as it is easy to skip dungeon set 1 and 2 entirely and move onto the Burning Crusade content for even better items in less time and effort.

Assuming you are willing to put the time and effort in, the quest chains are as follows.

Upgrade Quests

Upgrade 1 - Wrists

The first upgrade that you can get is to your set wrist piece. You get them through a quest called An Earnest Proposition. The quest is different depending if you are Alliance or Horde. This initial upgrade is fairly weak though and just needed as a stepping stone to further upgrades.

Horde: If you are Horde you get this quest from Movkar in the throne room in Orgrimmar. The quest has you travel to Silithus to collect venom from the spiders and scorpions located just south of town. Once you have collected enough venom you can travel back to Orgrimmar and hand in the venom, 20 gold and your tier 0 wrist piece. Your wrist piece will be returned to you upgraded.

Alliance: If you are Alliance you get this quest from Deliana in the throne room in Ironforge. The quest has you travel to Winterspring to collect blood from the bears and frost sabers. Once you have collected enough blood you can travel back to Ironforge and hand in the blood, 20 gold and your tier 0 wrist piece. Your wrist piece will be returned to you upgraded.

Upgrade 2 - Waist and Hands

The next pieces to be upgraded are the belt and gloves. They are upgraded by a quest chain that starts with the quest "A supernatural device" and ends with a quest called "Just Compensation". The steps that make it up are as follows:

  1. Your main quest NPC (as described for your faction above) will have you travel to Mux Manascrambler in Tanaris. He is found in the city of Gadgetzan. Your quest NPC will ask you to take you blood or venom to him for further instructions.

  2. Mux says that he will help you but you must collect the following for him:
  • 25 Volcanic Ash (These can be found in the Burning Steppes around lava pools)
  • 10 Stonescale Oil (Produced by Alchemists)
  • 1 Delicate Arcanite Converter (Produced by Engineers)
  • 4 Greater Eternal Essence (Produced by Enchanters)
  • 40 gold

  • Mux will now give you an Ectoplasmic Distiller and ask you to collect ectoplasm from several types of ghosts around Azeroth. The ones you need to kill are as follows:
    • 12 Scorched Ectoplasm (Found by killing undead in Silithus)
    • 12 Frozen Ectoplasm (Found by killing undead in Winterspring)
    • 12 Stable Ectoplasm (Found by killing undead in Eastern Plaguelands)

  • Once you return to Mux he asks that you kill Magma Lord Bokk who is found in the Burning Steppes, obtain his Magma Core and then return to Mux.

  • Next on Mux's list is to obtain a Fel Rod (costs 50g from Vi'el in Winterspring) and then return to him. He will then provide you with a Extra-Dimensional Ghost Revealer. Vi'el is located south of the town in Winterspring in the Demon area. Follow the road across the bridge and pass by the first two demon guards. He is in a cave located up the mountain side just past the guards, if you enter a cave down the road you have gone too far.

  • Return to your factions quest NPC with the Extra-Dimensional Ghost Revealer and your tier 0 gloves and belt. You will be rewarded with your tier 0.5 gloves and belt and the quest that starts the chain for your shoulders, feet and legs.
  • Upgrade 3 - Shoulders, Feet and Legs

    1. For the next quest you are sent to use the Extra-Dimensional Ghost Revealer near the entrance to Stratholme (near the meeting stone). The ghost of Anthion Harmon will appear, speak to him to gain the next part of the quest chain.

    2. Anthion gives you the quest "Dead Man's Plea" and asks you to enter Stratholme and kill Baron Rivendare to rescue Ysida Harmon. To complete this you must enter Undead Stratholme and at least start the fight with the Baron within 45 minutes of starting the first pull. When kill the Baron you can get Ysida's satchel.

    3. Return to Anthion to hand in the quest. He requests additional items to complete the next portion of the quest chain, they are:
    • 3 Dark iron bars (Produced by Miners)
    • 3 Mooncloth (Produced by Tailors)
    • 20 Enchanted Leather (Produced by Enchanters)
    • 4 Cured Rugged Hide (Produced by Leatherworkers)

  • When you return the items to Anthion he sends you to Falrin Treeshaper in the Dire Maul Library for the next part in the chain.

  • Gather Ogre Warbeads from the Ogres in Dire Maul or Blackrock Spire. Once you have collected 25 you can return to Fallrin in the Library.
  • Falrin now sends you to collect the following:
    • 4 Dark Runes
    • 8 Large Brilliant Shards (Produced by Enchanters)
    • 1 Jeering Specter's Essence (Drops from ghosts located in DM west)

  • Falrin rewards you with a banner to take to Blackrock Depths and start the "The Challenge" question. You must fight your way to the arena and clear it and then start a scripted sequence by using the banner. Your objective is to kill Theldren's army and retrieve the top piece of a neckpiece. Once the banner is placed a group of 5 MOBs will emerge that you must defeat.

    The leader of the 5 MOBs is Theldren a dwarf warrior. The other members of the group will be semi random but will generally have at least a rogue, a mage and then two others. You need to kill at least two quickly with AoE and preferably three or this will be a hard fight.

  • You can now return to Anthion at Stratholme. He provides your next quest in the chain.

  • This quest, called "Anthion's Parting Words" is very simple, just return to Orgrimmar or Ironforge (depending on your faction) with your tier 0 pants, shoulders and boots. They will upgraded to the tier 0.5 equivalents and you will be given the quest that starts the next chain.
  • Upgrade 4 - Head and Chest

    1. Your quest NPC will next have you travel to Blackrock Mountain to speak to a ghost named Bodley with the quest called "Bodley's Unfortunate Fate". You can find him just outside of the Blackrock Spire entrance. Bodley is the ghost of a gnome mage.

    2. Bodley wants you to kill "Three Kings of Flame" and gather items that they drop. He also needs a Hallowed Brazier from the Argent Dawn. You must collect the following items and then return to him. He will then provide you with the Brazier of Beckoning.
    • Incedicite of Incendius (Incendious is found in Blackrock Depths)
    • Ember of Emberseer (Emberseer is found in Upper Blackrock Spire)
    • Cinder of Cynders (The Duke of Cynders is found in Silithus)
    • Hallowed Brazier (Bought for 120g from the Argent Dawn Quartermaster, requires Honored reputation)

  • The next part of the quest chain is to obtain the Left piece of Lord Valthalak's amulet. Depending on your faction it can be found in different places.

    Horde - If you a Horde player Bodley sends you to summon the spirit of Isalien in Dire Maul east. The Spirit can only be summoned in Alzzin's Chamber. You can then get the left portion of the amulet and return to Bodley.

    Alliance - If you are an Alliance player your next task is to obtain the left piece of Lord Valthalak's Amulet from Jarien and Sothos. However before you can summon them Bodley needs you to retrieve a brilliant sword of Zealotry from the praetorians in Tyr's Hand in the Eastern Plaguelands. Find the sword and return to Bodley. Now that you have the sword and brazier you can summon Jarien and Sothos and slay them. To do this you must travel to the room they were killed in. The room is the last room in Scarlet Stratholme where you fight the Grand Crusader. You must kill the Grand Crusader and then use the brazier to summon them. Once you have defeated them you can then loot the left piece of Lord Valthalak's Amulet and return to Bodley.

  • In the quest "I See Alcaz Island In Your Future..." Bodley wants you to collect 20 Bloodkelp and return it to him. It can be found by killing the Strashaz Nagas on the Alcaz island off the coast of Dustwallow Marsh.

  • The next step of the quest is different depending on your faction.

    Alliance - Next on Bodleys shopping list if you are Alliance is a Starbreeze village relic. You can obtain this from the Frostmaul giants in southern Winterspring.

    Horde - Next on Bodleys shopping list if you are Horde is soul ashes of the banished. You can obtain this from the ghosts located on Purgation Isle in the south-west of Hillsbrad Foothills. There are three types that appear to drop this item Condemned Monks, Writhing Mages and Cursed Paladins

  • The next quest is to obtain the right piece of the amulet and is again dependant on your faction.

    Horde - If you are a horde player you must obtain an extra item for Bodley. The item that Bodley needs you to retrieve are Drudical Remains. These can be found by killing the MOBs in Hive'Regal in Silithus. Once you have this item return to Bodley and he will send you to Lower Blackrock Spire to kill Mor Grayhoof. You can summon him in Warmaster Voone's chamber.

    Alliance - For the Alliance you must summon Kormok. You can only summon him in Ras Frostwhispers room in Scholomance.

  • Once you return to Bodley he needs you to collect bracers from the Orcs in Blackrock Spire. They drop from Orcs in UBRS and LBRS, although the drop rate seems higher in the upper instance. Once you have gathered the required bracers (which will require a few runs) and obtained a Flask of Supreme Power (Produced by Alchemists) you can return to Bodley.

  • Bodley will now provide you with a means to summon Lord Valethak. You can only summon him in the Beasts room in upper Blackrock Spire. Clear to there and then summon and kill Lord Valethak. You must speak to the spirit of Lord Valethak once you have killed him. Do not forget or you will not have counted as completing this quest and will have to do it again.

  • Bodley now sends you back to your faction quest provider. You must return there with your tier 0 chest and head piece. They will then be upgraded to the tier 0.5 set.
  • Finished!

    Congratulations you have completed probably the longest and most difficult quest chain in the game to date for non-raiders. In the process you have upgraded your armor set and re-visited almost every high end zone and instance in the game.

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