Eitholi, Blade of the Fae Signature Quest

Guide By: Savanja

Eellii Tenderbranch, a teeny little tree in Greater Faydark has a tale to tell if you are willing to listen. This lil guy can be found right next to Tunare's Sapling in Greater Faydark (loc -63, -4, -16), speak with him and he will tell you all about Eitholi, and what a brave and loved person she was amongst their people. Eellii wants you to go on a quest that he hopes will bring the beautiful Eitholi back to them.


The Wind That Speaks Her Name (level 24) - Eellii can hear the whispers, but you must go to a special location to hear it. He sends you to Butcherblock Mountain's highest point to see if you can hear the whispers. You will find a NPC named "a Voice on the Wind" (loc 493, 325, -92) up where the aviaks hang out on the cliff overlooking the water. Speaking with this NPC completes this quest and opens the following.


A Voice of Another Kind (level 25 heroic) - The Voice on the Wind gives you the task of gathering feathers from the aviaks. This is a pretty simple task, and I just ran up and down the ramp killing these aviaks. They re-pop pretty quickly, which makes it easier. You then are to go speak with Engragion the Weathered (loc 217, 196, 593). He's located in a nook in the cliffs just between the Butcherblock docks and the Butcherblock druid ring. Speaking with him completes this quest and opens up the following quest. Note: This is listed as a heroic quest in game, but I didn't find anything on it that required a group as long as you stick with the solo aviaks.


A Blade Within the Keep (level 25 heroic) - Engragion the Weathered sends you to collect the blade that slayed Eitholi. this blade can be found inside Crushbone Keep on the upper level in the Emporer's Chambers. It's found inside a box (loc -23, 23, 10) on the northern end of the room. You'll need to take this blade back into Greater Faydark and give it to the Witch of the Wood (loc -759, 85, 380), who only speaks Fayefolk (fae language quest from the patch drops) so be sure you have that done! She is in Greater Faydark out by Emerald Lake. Hug the upper cliff past the waterfall to get back there. Speaking with her completes this quest and opens up the following final quest for this series.


More Than Just a Tree (level 30 heroic) - The Witch of the Wood sends you off to speak with a treant, Eitharbor (loc -356, -27, -559), who can be found in the Nursery in Greater Faydark up on the southern cliff wall near the beach. Eitharbor wants you to gather eggs from the aviak nests in Butcherblock Mountains. To do this, he offers to make you invisible so the aviaks cannot see you while you take their eggs. You'll invis once you zone into Butcherblock. Any sort of combat or harvesting will break it, just like with typical player invis, so once you get up to Kragploom's Roost (511, 399, -558) which you can reach by following the climable walls start from behind the Voice on the Wind NPC that you spoke with earlier, to harvest the eggs you need, found in the northermost and highest nest, you will uninvis and ambushers will jump you. Eitharbor betrayed you, and now you need to find out why!

Once you confront him, he becomes a teeny bit defensive and attacks you, he does not want to give up that sword! Eitharbor is a level 30 ^^^. Once you have slayed the naughty tree, you are done!

Congrats on completing this signature quest series! You now have the Eitholi, Blade of the Fae, and bit more experience.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this guide, then please do let me know!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016