The Eloh Vale is an instance filled with more challenges and rewards than a bag of mixed Hershey's Miniatures. Join Ten Ton Hammer as we break down this sometimes difficult series of missions and show you exactly how to unlock every objective. Today's guide focuses on the Temple of the Bowed Patriarch missions which will not only allow you complete the first trial, but provide some very nice rewards and experience.

The quest to gain access to the Eloh Vale Instance is the major mission line in Palisades. The holographic map you found at the end of Caves of Donn gave you a sneak peak to the layout of Eloh Vale, and proved the importance this area holds to the Eloh. The Foreans hold the area sacred, and are reluctant to reveal what they know until you have proven your worth. AFS Command believes many as yet unknown Eloh technologies are held here, and they suspect the Bane know it too. The location of Eloh Vale is hidden, and you're in a race with the enemy to piece all the clues together.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016