Now that you've finally made it past level 20 and have left behind the newbie
zones of Poeta and Verteron, it is time to fly where the big kids fly in Eltnen.
Here you will be able to stretch your wings and rub elbows with the higher level
elite as you enjoy a wider variety of content and a more interesting class

Eltnen will be your home from levels 20 all the way through 30+ and in fact
will still have content available to you up until level 40.  You can get
started here at level 19 if you've blown through the Verteron quests early or
you can always come check out Eltnen and fly back to Verteron to finish up those
campaign quests if you'd like.

Eltnen Fortress

This is home base in Eltnen and the area that holds all your essentials. Here
you will find a teleport/flight pad, broker, various merchants, and a portal to
the Abyss.  A new thing you will find in this zone are the rifts.  It's a good
idea to
familiarize yourself with their locations so you aren't inadvertently
playing too close to an incoming rift. They are scattered through out the zone,
and yes there is even one near the fortress.  If you come in at level 19 or
your very early 20s, stick close to the guards to avoid being constantly ganked.

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Eltnen Fortress is your homebase in Eltnen

Many of the early quests here will be gathering quests which will be
impossible to do if your gathering skills are low.  Before you even step
foot in Eltnen, work on your vitality gathering in Verteron so that it is 100+.
If you really have no interest in gathering vitality or aether but still want
credit for the quests, you can always buy or trade for the materials, but keep
in mind that it will be expensive.

Most of the quests in Eltnen Fortress will keep you in the immediate
surrounding area.  The River Predators, Pluma Attack!, and
Nature's Balance
will all have you killing local creatures keeping you
pretty safe in your first trek out into these more dangerous lands.

If you're the sort that has been burning to
dive into this PvP you keep hearing about then you definitely need to grab the
quest A Teleportation Experiment, and the following quest A
Teleportation Adventure
. These quests take you into Asmodae without the
hassle of hunting down a rift and are your first chance to get to know how Spy
quests work.

Be sure to have your Return spell up or a Return spell scroll in your inventory during Spy quests.
If you plan on running around Asmodae a bit, pick up a personal kisk to place once you get there so you aren't
returning to Eltnen every time you die.

Manduri Forest and Putrid Mire

You'll quickly outgrow the little newbie mobs of Eltnen Fortress and at
around level 21-22, you'll need to move on over to Manduri Forest. The quests
that lead you here will mostly deal with the local wildlife, but some will also
take you into the little manduri villages. These are tight areas so if you find
yourself playing here, be sure to watch for aggro and clear the way when you go
in.  If you pick up the quest Plant Poison Antidote, you may have a
little trouble locating the Queen Vespine. She spawns in a few different
locations at random. You are looking for the green glowing honeycombs in the
area above and around the manduri village.  One can be found at x919, y2675, z267 and another at
x885, y2853, z264.

Between the forest and mire you'll find Elims with some tasks for you that
will take you into the swamp. Most of the mobs in the swamp are pretty straight
forward so your only real concern will be the Kerubians for Revenge of the
quest.  These guys don't look very dangerous, but they yelp for
help during the battle and a horde of nearby Kerubians will come to assist their
friend.  If you're solo and can't take on the adds, be sure to pull your
prey back away from the pack!

At this point, there are plenty of quests to keep you occupied.  Be sure
to do your Spy quests, like the one found in the forest from Celestine, because those
reward a whole lot of experience and some nice gear pieces.

Ruberein Wastes and Outpost Ruins

Welcome to level 25! If you aren't bravely exploring the Abyss, you'll be in
the Outpost Ruins and the Ruberein Wastes.  The mobs here are between
levels 24-27 and you'll find a wide range of non-aggro and aggro creature life
plus a nice little camp of Lepharists guarding the Stolen Item of Sanctum found
just along the road from Eiron Desert for the quest A Lepharist Box.

The outpost will have several quests for you including another Spy quest. 
There aren't a huge amount of quests though and some, such as Enemy in the
Kaidan Mine
and  the campaign quest Kaidan Prisoner will take
you into the nearby group only area of the Kaidan Mines.  I suggest you not try to venture in
here without at least a few friends because it is a pretty tough little spot. 
If you are looking to grind a little in this region, the Ancient Caryatids are a
nice choice.  They give decent experience, drop pretty good loot and respawn quickly.

While there is lots to kill here, there really aren't that many quests that
utilize it so soon you will want to head north through Eiron Desert to Satloca's
Tomb.  This is a good segue into Eracus Desert and you'll find some quests
at the tomb and the NPC Daeva of Flame needed for the Inferno quest Fire
and Flame Sword.

The Fire Sword quest will net you an amazing blue quality one-handed sword through a
completely soloable quest. Kill dried gnarls and mottled basiliks to obtain the drop then speak with Garperos near Satloca's Tomb with
the sword on hand. At level 32 you can speak with Regmos in Sanctum to get the quest that awards the blue sword reward.

Eracus Desert

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There is so much to explore, take the time to see it all!

The Eastern and Western Eracus Desert are huge open areas with mobs scattered
throughout. Between the eastern and western regions you'll find a little Desert
Scout Camp that is a smaller quest hub for the lower level portion of the the
desert which starts at around level 26. Edging up close to 30+ you'll want to
check out Golden Bough Garrison which provides content up to level 32. Several
good quests start here and it has merchants and a flight pad for quick travel
back to the fortress, not to mention the klaws behind the garrison that give out
great loot and nice experience for farming.

It is around this time that you'll want to think about picking up your Fire
Temple key for access into the dungeon. You find the key you need as a drop from
Kyola Temple, south of Western Eracus Desert. It drops from the raging obscuras
or the chaotic temptress and once obtained you can right click on it at level
30.  It will give you a quest to speak with Actaeon, who is also found at
Kyola Temple. The Fire Temple is a great place to level through your early and
mid 30s, so don't miss out on it!

Mystic Springs of Anathe and Prellus Wasteland

This is the perfect place to level through your late 20s and quite profitable
if you've been keeping up on your vitality gathering.  The omblic plant
spawns here and it drops the coveted omblic petal that dyes armor a muted red
color.  These can sell for quite a bit so during my time here, I was sure
to gather from every omblic I came across.

You can find quests around here from
the Refugee Camp between the springs and the Drake Habitat. Mother's Keepsake
will having you killing the Lepharists that reside in the springs. Be sure to
check the difficulty of the mobs you are taking on as some are more difficult
than others. There is also an NPC in the water near the spring that offers a
couple of quests. 

In Prellus Wasteland be sure to stop by Mabangta's Hideout. These exiled
Kaidans have a couple of tasks that are worth doing.

A hot spot for great quests is the Mystic Spring at the Drake Habitat. You'll
find a couple of quests, such as Drake Hunt and Drakie Hunt, that
have you killing the nearby drakes. The bot problem has eased quite a bit, but
beware, the Drake Habitat is a local bot favorite and can be very busy on

Agairon Village and Beyond

At this point you are probably feeling like you are starting to outgrow
Eltnen.  Once you get to your mid-30s you will be switching back and forth
between Eltnen and Heiron. There really aren't enough quests in Eltnen to level
on questing alone so zone hopping and dungeon crawling are your best options to
make it through to level 40.

In your early 30s, Agairon Village has a good amount of content and it's the
perfect place to bind as you explore the surrounding part of the zone. At level
35, take the time to check out Geroch Caldera and the Kuriullu Mountains. On the
road to Herion, you'll find another small quest hub and a field of level 36

For the groupers that don't want to run through the dungeons and higher level
duos, beyond Geroch Caldera is a whole epicenter of group quality mobs. 
Kaidan Headquarters has mobs levels 37 through 40 and offers great rewards for
those who roam through here.  You can pick up a couple of quests for this
region, including the one that rewards the Commando Boots that give a 20% speed
increase, at the Eltnen Observatory.

As you get closer to level 40, you will probably spend less time in Eltnen,
but don't forget to come back to check for higher level quests. Being such a
large zone with a huge level range, there are often little things that we can
miss the first time through!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016