Flying in Aion is not only good fun, but also an important aspect to gameplay. Flight isn't just given to you though and each player, Elyos or Asmodian, has to earn their wings through ascension. Find out just how a young Daeva gains the gift of flight in this guide that walks you through the process for both factions. With this guide, you'll be off to roam the heavens in no time!

With the full vial in your bag, you need to visit Lord Daminu in Daminu Forest. He's pretty much the only huge tree with a face along the road so he's hard to miss! He craves the nourishing liquid from Cliona Lake and you will use it to force Lord Daminu to share his essence. Luckily this isn't as gross as it sounds and you end up watching the old tree cry out an apple which you will nab up and take back to Pernos.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016