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Wizard Guide

The path of the Bright Wizard is with
the wind of fire, as every ability he learns will call on that wind.
The Bright Wizard seeks the secrets of The Seven Keys, arcane talismans
and techniques dismissed by the Elves as too reckless. Perhaps the
Elves know best, for the careless Bright Wizard can be consumed by his
own flame in his quest to achieve maximum power. In battle, the Bright
Wizard finds a safe position at the rear of the Order formation and
calls upon the wind of fire to consume his enemies in deadly flame.
Heartier companions withstand damage better, so the Bright Wizard aims
to destroy the enemy before it reaches him. He'll use direct damage,
damage over time, area effects, and even debuffs to accomplish his
task. The Bright Wizard also can enchant the weapons of his allies with
flames that burn the enemy each time the weapon strikes.
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style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(218, 165, 32);">Strengths:

  • The ability
    to deal great damage in a short amount of time.
  • Gets stronger as the battle goes on.
  • Skills are versatile, allowing for adaptation to the
style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(218, 165, 32);">Weaknesses:

  • Defenses are minimal and the Bright Wizard is an
    obvious target for the enemy.
  • Obvious target for the enemy.
  • The wind of Aqshy is volatile.

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style="font-weight: bold;">Bright Wizard Quick

Race: Empire

Ranged DPS

Armor: Light (robes)

Primary Weapons: Staves

Primary Stats: Intelligence, Wounds
style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(204, 153, 51);">Mythic's
Official Bright Wizard Description

"“There is a fire within you! Deep in your mind there is a
ember which we will fan to life, and build into a blazing beacon. YOU
will be the Empire’s greatest weapon! A Pyromancer! Your fire
incinerate the enemy, and purge the unclean! Do not! Be late! For

- Cindik Antum, Professor of Incendiary Alchemy

A Bright Wizard is destruction standing on two legs.
Harnessing the wind of Aqshy, the Red Wind of Fire, she rains fiery
death on her enemies when she wants to be direct. She can also twist
the wind to cause a multitude of status effects to weaken the enemy. As
she battles, the Bright Wizard builds up a reserve of Aqshy known as
combustion. The longer she holds it, the powerful her fire becomes when
she releases it. But there also is a danger that her own fire will
consume her. Thus, the Bright Wizard must constantly balance the desire
for greater power with the dangers of wielding that power. When she
gets it right, the enemy has great cause for fear.

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style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(204, 153, 51); font-size: 15pt;">PvE

Bright Wizards rely on timing and distance in PvE play. With their low
tolerance for
they need to kill quickly and efficiently. They can begin with debuffs
or spells that do damage over time and unleash the power of combustion
as the enemy draws near.

While in a group, the Bright Wizard will be a great asset to the team
because of his high damage output. His ability to buff allies' weapons
gives the group a boost in DPS. The challenge for the Bright Wizard is
to manage the amount of hate he generates as he deals great damage.
Even though he can deal massive damage in short bursts, it is sometimes
best for him to start slowly and build up the amount of damage he does
as the battle continues.

style="color: rgb(204, 153, 51); font-weight: bold; font-size: 15pt;">RvR

The role of the Bright Wizard in RvR play is clear. She is to weaken
and destroy as many enemies as possible as quickly as possible. She
must take great care to remain out of the reach of enemies, but this
won't be easy because of of how much damage she does.

Melee DPS classes can sometimes win the race to kill a Bright Wizard if
they get a head start on her. Tanks can occasionally outlast the
onslaught of the Bright Wizard's damage, especially with a healer
helping. Smart Bright Wizards can pair with a melee DPS to quickly
eliminate enemy healers and opposing ranged DPS. Doing so can cripple
the enemy and turn the tide of battle in favor of Order.

href="" target="_blank">Bright Wizard
Abilities: Levels 1 to 20 
Wizard Abilities: Levels 21 to 40

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Bright Wizard Mastery

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style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(204, 153, 51);">Path of
The Path of Incineration primarily focuses on destructive single-target
spells. About half of these spells have high values of Combustion
allowing those who master the Path of Incineration to focus on weaving
high risk spells in with more reliable destructive magics for optimal
single target damage.

of Immolation
:  The Path of Immolation focuses on
damage over time and debilitating, lingering debuffs. A Master of
Immolation is more patient, relying less on high-Combustion spells with
explosive effect and more on slow burns that build up into an
unstoppable inferno.

of Conflagration
:  The Path of Conflagration is
the most destructive of the Bright Wizard masteries with area effect
spells capable of burning entire swaths of land to a crisp. However,
Masters of Conflagration must exert the most self-control; most of
their spells build up high levels of Combustion and their reckless use
could mean the Bright Wizard’s doom as well.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016