Enemy Tactics

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  • Personal Traits - These same stat / resistance choices are awarded at varying intervals to all players regardless of class or race.
  • Enemy Tactics - Spells/abilities adepts at weakening certain enemies, choices awarded at level 12, 16, 24, 32, and 38.

At level 12, 16, and every 8 levels after (until level 38) on, you'll have a choice of some very specific knowledge about certain mobs. Against that sort of creature: 1) fighters can proc an extra melee attack for one minute, 2) mages get a powerful, low-resist nuke, 3) priests get a DD / debuff to AGI, STA, and STR plus a slow to attack speed, and 4) scouts get a DD / debuff to AC, STR, STA, and AGI.

Enemy Tactics Spell vs. These Mobs

12 Gnoll Orc    
16 Ghost Skeleton Zombie  
24 Centaur Giant Treant  
32 Fairy Goblin Golem Bixie
38 Nightblood Elemental Lizardman Shadowman
52 Djinn Cyclops Harpy Naga


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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