Beer Hat! Need We Say


We're sure there is much our EQ2 community manager, Savanja, could say
about the lore behind the famous EverQuest 2's Brell's Day
celebration. Perhaps she could sing the praises of this
particular deity that would move the masses to tears. Maybe
even Brell himself could ascend from the skies and teach us mortals a
lesson or two about how truly great he is.  


Or maybe Savanja could just tell you that if you read this guide and do
these Brell's Day event quests that you will get your very own in game
Beer Hat. BEER HAT! Yeah, it's that cool, and
Savanja's monk may never take it off again. Check it out for

Next on the list is something flying above a village.
After a little
searching and digging, I found that this refers to Thundermist Village.
Head on out there and get your drink on again. I spent a lot of time
running around through the village drunk and looking for something in
the sky, but alas, those jokster devs put the flying pig inside one of
the barns. Of course the sight of several players running around drunk
and doing the same was well worth the cost of time.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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