With Anashti Sul unlocked on nearly every EverQuest II server, players are now free to seek to follow this goddess of evil, but getting through the quests can be very challenging and we want to help!

Starting out, you'll be traveling into the Forsaken City, which is found in Mystic Lake at the Isle of Mara. You have to go underwater to get to this zone so you'll either need a water breathing spell or item (I have my handy Fishbone Earring!) to even get there. Once inside Forsaken City go straight down and take the left path to the Plunderer Base Camp.

Ten Ton Hammer has done all the hunting, sweating, and endless searching for you so that you can get in game and get things done without wasting precious game time. If you've decided that Anashti Sul is the deity for you, then grab our Deity Quest Guide and get started proving your loyalty.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016