A Furious Update!


We know that sometimes getting to know your class is a rough road in
the start, but we are here to make it easier with this in depth
EverQuest 2 Fury Class Guide!  You'll find in this guide
player advice, helpful methods and techniques, and complete spell lists
covering levels 1-80.


The Fury Class guide has just been updated and tweaked to include new
information and handy tips for the Fury for the early days of life and
beyond through the veteran years.

A Fury is a subclass of the Druid line of priests.
Druids call upon the
forces of Nature to assist them in battle. The two subclasses are
Warden and Fury; of the two, a Fury is by far the more
damage-oriented.  This means that although a Fury is still a
healer, they concentrate more on direct damage to the mobs. They are
still very good healers;  Furies use the Heal over Time (HoT)
as their main line of defense, backed up by instant heals.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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