Guard This With Your Life!


In every game you have that one class that stands out as style="font-style: italic;">the tank class
of the game, for EverQuest II the Guardian is that class.
These impressive bundles of raw power and protection are one of few
classes you'll want to have between you and those mean

What makes a good Guardian even better? Our newly updated
Guardian Class Guide, of course! Learn your Combat Arts from
levels 1 to 80, get great tips on tanking, and find out how to equip
your class all in this very helpful guide.

Something as simple as "Kill," this is the green
light for your group
to attack the target and heal you with abandon. Hit this hot button
after a round of your choicest taunts. Old habits are hard to break,
and if your healer and you are working overtime to fix things for
groupmates who can't seem to get the notion, its probably time for some
stern instructions from the group leader.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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