Whether you want to assist your guild in leveling up or just covet a little bit of status for yourself, heritage quests are the way to do it! These super quests offer a lot of fun and a lot of reward and EverQuest II's latest expansion Sentinel's Fate introduces a couple of new HQs for players to enjoy.

"Justice for JoJo" is one of the newest HQs that not only is easy to do, but it takes you into the new expansion to explore new lands and new dangers. We've got the step by step guide to get you through as well as a preview of the reward offered if you complete this quest!

The quest awards 88199 status points and Mystical Claws of Jojo for mainhand and offhand. "Justice for JoJo" is listed as a level 85 heroic quest, however you can get the quest at level 80 and it is easily completed with a group at this level.

Check out the guide, pick up the quest, and go have some fun!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016