So, does Veltar still
lurk there?


Are you finally making your way past level 70 and getting to know EQ2's
Rise of Kunark expansion? Don't miss out on one bit of all of
that content! Our zone guide to Kylong Plains introduces you
to this new zone, and tells you what there is to do and where to do
it. This is part 1, so be sure to bookmark and stay tuned for
part 2.

Kylong Plains seems to be the area that used to be
known as The
Dreadlands in EQ1 and is home of the formidable Karnor's Castle.
Largely a wide, open, and untamed space there is plenty to do for the
level range, and unless you make the effort, you just miss the vast
majority of all this zone has to offer.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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