Holy Tank, Batman!

These Holy Warriors of Norrath round out the EverQuest II fighter
roster very nicely. Paladins play as a hybrid holy crusader,
wielding the powers of both a fighter and a healer in one rear kicking
package of shiny plate armor!  This class shines as both a
solo class and as a group tank and is sure to please any player that
gives them a chance.  


If you'd like to give the Paladin a try, or perhaps you have one and
are looking for some great advice and a all-in-one class resource,
please visit our newly updated Paladin Class Guide to find all that you

Unlike other classes, Paladins don’t have one
specific role to
undertake. Even though we are not classified as Hybrids by SOE,
Paladins are exactly that. If you want to take your character to the
next level and be all the Paladin you can be, then you must first
realize that. We will never out perform the “pure” classes in tanking,
healing or damage. However, we can become any one of those three by the
drop of a hat if need be. And that is where Paladins start to shine and
where if you’re good enough, you’ll be recognized as such.

  • href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/index.php?module=ContentExpress&file=index&func=display&ceid=12&meid=127">EQ2:
    Paladin Class Guide Update

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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