If you didn’t read all the fine print prior to the launch
of EverQuest II’s newest expansion Sentinel’s Fate, then you may not have heard
about the overhaul of stat changes. Many players have gotten info here and there
in game, but it is still unclear to some what has changed and what it means for
all of us.

The Basics

In a nutshell, stats have been somewhat simplified.
Previously classes had multiple stats that effected how they performed
especially for the hybrid classes, such as the Shadow knight who used strength
and intelligence, this meant stacking stats to suit various needs. In the end,
players who used their characters for multiple purposes (a Shadowknight who
might sometimes tank or sometimes DPS) would have to use multiple sets of gear
to achieve the best results for whatever role they were filling.

Now, the classes have a single primary stat that controls
all the damage they do:

  • Fighters – Strength (STR)
  • Scouts – Agility (AGI)
  • Priests – Wisdom (WIS)
  • Mages – Intelligence (INT)


This means that for the Shadowknight, they previously
needed to add INT for spell damage and STR for melee damage now only need STR to
raise all damage that they do.

Here is a breakdown of what each stat does now for each








Determines how much you can carry and increases your damage and max

Improves your chance to avoid melee attacks and increases your
critical mitigation

Improves your resists against spell damage

Increases your max health

No benefits


Determines how much weight you can carry

Improves your chance to avoid melee attacks and increases your damage,
max power, and critical mitigation

Improves your resists against spell damage

Increases your max health

No benefits


Determines how much weight you can carry

Improves your chance to avoid melee attacks

Improves your resists against spell damage and increases your damage
and max power

Increases your max health

Increases your critical mitigation


Determines how much weight you can carry

Improves your chance to avoid melee attacks

Increases your max health

Improves your resists against spell damage

Increases your damage, max power and critical mitigation


Resists and Bonuses

In addition to these basic stat changes, there have also
been changes to resists, critical damage, and other bonuses. These changes were
also made in the name of simplicity so really much of these features were
consolidated to make everything easier on the player.

Resists, which used to be a nice long list of various
ailments, have now been narrowed down into four categories:

  • Arcane Resist – used to be divine, magic, and mental
  • Elemental Resist – used to be cold and heat
  • Noxious Resist – used to be disease and poison
  • Physical Resist – used to be vs. crushing, vs. slashing, vs.


Critical, damages, and healing bonuses have also been
consolidated and you’ll see some new terms floating around in game that you may
not be familiar with.

Toughness – A PvP only stat that reduces damage
taken.  This is a good one to be aware of if you are playing on the

Potency – This used to be base damage and base
healing. Rather than just raise one of the base stats at a time, raising your
potency increases the effectiveness of all abilities. This means that a Fury,
who previously had to raise both base damage and base healing separately if they
wished to do damage and heal effectively, now only needs to raise their potency
to see an advantage for both.

Ability Modifier – Previously this was combat art
and spell damage, taunt amount, and heal amount. These are now all under the
umbrella of the new name and will affect all of these.

Crit now covers all types of crit. Whether it is
critical spell damage, critical healing, or critical physical damage, the crit
stats apply to all and will give that bonus to all types.

Alternate Advancements

Alternate Advancements for the Kingdom of Sky class trees (brawler, crusader,
warrior, shaman, etc) have changed somewhat. Each line is named by a stat:
Strength, Agility, Stamina, Wisdom, and Intelligence. Previously these had more
meaning as the first node for each line directly added points to the
corresponding stat. These have been completely removed and each line now has one
less spot in which to add points. Basically this leaves the names of each line,
the names of the stats, pretty much meaningless because these lines no longer
effect stats. This certainly does not make the class AA lines less meaningful as
you can still add points wherever you feel you need them. It just means that
these lines have do not directly alter your class stats. The good news is, you
now may add up to 10 points per ability and you don't have to fiddle with adding
points to stats you don't want just to gain access to the abilities in the line.
Be sure to take a look at what Alternate Advancements are now available for your
own class by
clicking here

Your character development trait choices will hold more weight now however.
At levels 8, 28, and 48 you are awarded the opportunity to add to a single stat
for your character. It might be wise to choose your classes primary stat to
raise damage potential.

The changes are good for most players, but inevitably some
will be caught in the cross fire. For players who stacked their stats in favor
of secondary stats like the SK and his INT gear or scouts who focused on STR for
extra melee damage may now have to completely re-gear to take advantage of the
changes. Each player should take some time to review their equipment and make
any adjustments so that they aren’t losing out. Be sure to bookmark this guide
for review and get in game to check out your own gear to see if you are dressed
for success!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016