The Little Things: Magic Doors

Our favorite little halfing continues her fun discovery of some of the new surprises we will find with the upcoming GU36. What (not so) little things will the Den Mum stumble upon next? Please join guest author, EQ2 Traders Corner's Niami DenMother, to find out!

Sprinting for the two doors that separated her from the stove, she turned sideways as she approached, readying her own hip-bump-elbow-foot combination that was meant to open, and hold open, the first door long enough for her to slip through. Staggering a bit as her hip met open air, she let out an unladylike shriek. Assuming that someone lurking at the stoves had opened the door, she scolded "Don't scare me li- ..."

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016