The Estate of Unrest

This Isn't the Unrest You Remember!

By: Savanja


I know I'm not the only one that has been chomping at the bit, waiting for The Estate of Unrest to make an appearance in game. A lot of us had expected it with the Echoes of Faydwer release, but were so disappointed to find that it wasn't quite done and would be added later. When I heard that it was added to test, I was filled with joy and with despair all at the same time. Why the despair?

I don't have a level 70 test character!!!

That's right, The Estate of Unrest is a level 70 zone, and a very hairy high end zone at that. I couldn't venture too far in, but even the yard trash in front is 73^^^. Can you say "Ouch!" for a 20-something test toon?

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Welcome to Unrest!

Previous to The Shattering, The Estate of Unrest was a place the younger explorers could hone their fighting skills. I spent a whole lot of time there between levels 14 to 20ish, and was so sad when I finally outgrew it. It was truly one of the most memorable lower level zones in EQ1.

Half of the Unrest fun was getting there. Dragnor's Cauldron used to be vastly different than it is now. In fact, its almost as if it has completely disappeared! Funny how that happens with catastrophic events, eh? I happen to find this a shame though, and I had hoped that the trails to Unrest would be a bit more dangerous than they are. As it is, between the outlet to Butcherblock up to the front door of Unrest is completely bare of anything other than rocks and vegetation. No scary Undertow Skeletons popping out of nowhere to kick your rear and leave your corpse on a near impossible to reach cliff. /sad

Once inside Unrest, it looks very reminiscent of the old Unrest with the same basic footprint. You can see the courtyard, and then the old mansion right off, and it looks just as creepy as it always did. Yay!


The story behind The Estate of Unrest is a bit gory. Apparently a dwarf named Garanel Rucksif went insane and killed a priest dedicated to Quellious, and his family who resided inside of the mansion. To punish Garanel for his crimes, Quellious cursed the dwarf and forced him to spend his eternity in pain and suffering. He did this, and in his anger at his unfortunate situation, he thought it wise to make everyone else who entered Unrest, suffer along with him. Whomever passed through this place and died by his hands were reanimated and forced to serve as his minions.

There is also a part about a priest of The Faceless who defiled the long dead family's souls and bodies, leaving them undead and in eternal pain, simply for being devout followers of Quellious. This is just another example of how the Gods of Norrath used to puppet the living AND the dead for their own odd and sometimes twisted uses.

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The Courtyard and Mansion

I never did learn exactly why The Faceless had a hand in the ultimate creation of Unrest as it is. Perhaps it was simply his hate for all that is good, or perhaps there was some loftier goal in mind that fueled his desire to cause more strife in an already pain filled monument. Regardless, I would love to see this story expanded upon in EverQuest II, and learn more as to why The Faceless cared to have his priest meddle here at all.

I am so very excited to see this zone finally make its way in game. Hopefully The Estate of Unrest's time on test will be short! Stay tuned for zone guides and more information on Unrest as we get it. I plan on making my way in there as soon as it goes live and documenting my trip. Let us all hope that this zone lives up to the hype and promise!!


Questions? Comments? Feel free to drop me a note!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016